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Some of our newest fabrics include the Hidden Cove collection by Windham Fabrics.  Available for this collection is a free downloadable pattern called Botany Bay.  For your convenience, we have packaged up kits for the Botany Bay Quilt.

Hidden Cove Collage   Botany Bay Cover

Direct from Bali, we have these fabulous Bali Tiles from Hoffman Fabrics.  This fabric is 45″ wide and features intricately detailed hand dyed batik medallions neatly lined across the full width.  Each tile is approximately 8″ and is versatile for use in pillows, totes, table decor or large scale quilts.  Available for these fabrics are 2 free downloadable patterns called Garden Tiles and Tropical Tiles.

Ethnic Medallion Tile Amethyst

Ethnic Medallion Tile Leaf

Medallion Tiles Key Lime

ComboGardenLR Cover jpg

Combo_Tropical_Tiles Cover jpg

Come party with us and save 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!  Use coupon code PARTY at checkout.  We will package your order and ship it the same day and include a LoveQuilting.com exclusive FREE pattern!

Do you LOVE solids?  Check out our extensive collection of Bali hand dye solids and watercolors.

bali collage

Batik Fabric-Watercolors


You need a Cool Neck Tie!  Get the free downloadable instructions here to make your own Cool Neck Tie.  Be sure to pick up the amazing Watersorb Crystals and be prepared to watch the magic happen before your very eyes and feel the immediate cooling powers.

tie4   watersorb3


We have instructions on our blog for how to make a double sided fabric pinwheel. The fabric pinwheel can be attached to a stick and used as indoor or outdoor décor, or it can be used without the stick and sewn to a quilt as a dimensional embellishment! The pinwheel size can be modified to be larger or smaller by adjusting the starting square size. Imagine what a fun project that will make!  Click here to read more.


Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA


Pinwheels made from Quilt Fabric

Pinwheels make me think of summer and especially the 4th of July. I remember as a kid, lining up on Main Street to watch the 4th of July parade and holding a red, white and blue pinwheel that would spin from the wind.

These pinwheels were plastic wheels on a wood stick. Today I’m going to make pinwheels using fabric in place of the plastic. Actually, I’m going to use 2 fabrics to create a visual contrast.


2 contrasting fabrics 6-1/2” x 6-1/2”

1 piece of double sided fusible stabilizer – click here for Lite Steam A Seam II

1 button

1 pencil, straw or wood stick ( I used a bamboo skewer)

You can cut your fabric squares with a straight edge, or if you wish to have a fancier edge to your pinwheel, you can cut your fabric pieces using the pinking blade in your rotary cutter or pinking shears.

For this example, I cut one set of squares with a straight edge and one set with a pinked edge.


Fuse one side of your double sided fusible to the wrong side of one of your squares of fabric. Fuse the other side of your double sided fusible to the wrong side of your second fabric square.

We’re going to make marks with your iron to use as guidelines. Fold your two sided square in half along one diagonal and press, fold in half along the other diagonal and press. Where these press lines intersect is the center.

From the center measure 1” towards the corner along each press line and make a light mark with chalk or a pencil. Cut from the corner to your mark at each corner. If you are using a pinking blade for your outer edges, you can use a pinking blade for these cuts as well.


Starting with one segment, fold one pointy edge towards the center and hold it there. Take every other segment and do the same until you have 4 segments in the center.

Tack the points in the center with a few stitches.


Place your button in the center and sew to hold the segments in place. This is your pinwheel!

Take your pinwheel and with a pin through one of the holes of the button, pin the pinwheel to the eraser of a pencil, straw or wood stick.

You can stick the pencil or stick in the ground as an outside décor, or place several in a jar on your table as an inside décor.  I placed my pinwheels in a jar of glass marbles and stars.


Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Summer, Birthday Parties and Quilt Fabric

Summer is officially upon us and the 4th of July, America’s Birthday, is the first big holiday. Are you feeling patriotic? Are you feeling like a birthday celebration? At LoveQuilting.com, we’re having a fabric party! We could go through our shelves and pick and choose what fabrics to bring to the party and put on sale, but what fun would that be? We want to have a party with all our fabrics – so EVERYTHING is on sale!

Party Sale

Receive a 20% discount off your entire cart with coupon code PARTY and be part of our celebration! Coupon valid through July 6th, 2015.

What would a party be without a party favor? For every purchase, you will receive a FREE LoveQuilting.com exclusive pattern. Come celebrate with us!

Are you going to a 4th of July BBQ? Do you need a hostess gift? Click here for our tutorial and free applique download to make this quick and easy gift.


Heading to the shore? Carry your essentials in style! Try one of our tote patterns with your favorite beach/nautical themed fabric.

tote collage

We have a fabulous selection of beach/nautical themed fabric for your summer inspired projects.

Hidden Cove Collage    Maine Attraction

When it heats up in your sewing room, try working with the cool color palette of blues, greens and purples and feel the temperature recede.

cool collage

I feel cooler just looking at that collage of fabrics!


Download this FREE tutorial to make your own cool neck tie and feel the magical cooling powers of the Watersorb Crystals.  You can get Watersorb Crystals by clicking here.  Each package contains enough crystals to make 3 cool neck ties, for the low price of $2 per package!



If you’re like me, you have many birthdays through the summer. Now you can have your cake and eat it too with this FREE and fun cupcake applique template available for immediate download for your use to embellish a shirt, towel, placemat, bag or pillow. Guaranteed to have zero calories! Intended for use as a fusible applique, this free template can be used for your other craft projects as well. Click here to download yours now!


Words of warning, my daughter goes for her driving test this week. If you’re safely at your BBQ destination, you may want to consider staying there for a while! Just kidding, she’ll be a great driver and I wish her the best of luck!

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Do you love outdoor activities? A visit to the county fair, baseball games, soccer games, gardening, or exercising? Sweltering temperatures are in the forecast, are you ready? A very simple cool tie made with cotton quilt fabric and Watersorb Crystals, is what you need to be able to enjoy all that summer has to offer!


These cool ties rest on the neck and help bring down body temperature, with the magical cooling powers of Watersorb Crystals. The crystals absorb water and expand in size offering additional surface area. Using cotton quilt fabric for your neck tie, the fabric draws the moisture from the crystals creating evaporative cooling when placed on your heated skin.


Below is a free tutorial to make your own Cool Yourself Down Tie, or you can click here for a downloadable printable version.  Watersorb Crystals are available by clicking here.  Each package of Watersorb Crystals, priced at the very low price of $2 per package, contain enough crystals for THREE Cool Yourself Down Ties.  Consider making one for an elderly family member, neighbor or friend, who often get over heated by extreme temperatures.


Finished size Approximately 3” x 40”

100% Cotton Fabric – 6” x Width of Fabric

4 Teaspoons of Watersorb Crystals

Fold fabric in half lengthwise Right Sides Together and press. Using the 45 degree line on your ruler, mark and cut both edges.


Sew raw edges together all the way around, leaving a 2” opening in center of long side.

Trim corners and turn tie so right side is facing out. Press. Fold in half lengthwise and mark this half way mark. Measure 6” from the center on each side and mark again. Measure 6” from that point on each side and mark again. These will be your stitching guides as you fill the tie with Watersorb crystals.


Stitch at the mark on either end. Place a teaspoon of Watersorb crystals in through the opening and shake down towards one end. Once all the crystals are at or near the stitching line, stitch the next mark to secure the crystals in that pocket. Repeat filling the crystals on the other end. Always work away from the center to avoid closing the opening until all pockets are filled. You should have 4 pockets with Watersorb crystals and the 2 ends will have no crystals.

Don’t be fooled by how empty each pocket seems, these crystals will absorb enough water to expand seven times their size!

Top stitch 1/4″ all sides making sure the opening is closed. Adjust the crystals as you go trying to avoid the crystals at the needle location.

Soak your tie in a bowl of water for 20 to 30 minutes and be amazed as you watch the magic happen before your eyes!



Place around neck and feel the cooling effects. Re-hydrate as necessary by soaking in water for approximately 5 minutes. To store, let dry completely, crystals will return to original size and will be ready for re-hydration.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Summer Quilt Fabric GIVE AWAY!

You heard correctly:  Summer Quilt Fabric Give Away! The kids are out of school, the sun is warm, the pool is full of water and there’s lemonade in the fridge! What do these things and fat quarters have in common? There are many words that conjure up images of summer memories and anticipations. Our Hoffman Watercolor Batiks are named for some of these great summer images. Leave the comment SUMMER in the comments section of your order and receive a fat quarter of our choice from our summer inspired collection of Hoffman Watercolor Batiks.

These Watercolors fat quarters will be one of the following summer fabrics: Beach Sand, Creamsicle, Waikiki, Sea Salt, Strawberry Daiquiri and Sand Dollar.


This give away will end Monday, June 22nd, so remember to put the word SUMMER in the comments section of your order!

From beach bags to 4th of July decorations and everything in-between, we have all the supplies, fabric, patterns and kits you need to create beautiful quilted works of art for yourself or loved ones.  Shop Now


Due to an overwhelming response, our storewide hand dyed batik sale has been extended through Monday, June 22nd! Get the batiks you love at a savings of $2 per yard.

Bali Chop Collage

Check out our Metro Waves quilt done in batiks.  Click here to read about it and click here for your pattern and Quick Curve Ruler.

Batik Fabric-Metro Waves


It’s not a common occurrence to find whole, un-damaged sand dollars lying on the beach, but they do appear occasionally. When they do, they are typically a deep purple color. They must be bleached to turn them white and to get rid of the strong fishy smell that accompanies them. They are fragile and quite intriguing, so this week, we have a FREE DOWNLOADABLE Sand Dollar applique template. Consider using strips to create your own beach quilt or placemat and dotting it with sand dollars. The applique template is intended to be used with the fusible applique technique, but is versatile enough to be used as a template for your other craft projects.

sand dollar

Did you know that we have many FREE downloadable patterns available? Quilts, bags, projects and ideas – click here.

Don’t forget DAD – click here for our Father’s Day project.


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Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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Jungle Love Strip Quilt Pattern for Beginners

When we received the Rumble collection from Windham Fabrics, we fell in love with it!  The beautiful fabric coordinates enhance the fun whimsical elephants, hippos, giraffes and lions on the the two main focal fabric prints.  These fabrics are sure to appeal to everyone’s inner child!

For a quick and easy child size quilt, try this Jungle Love Strip Quilt.

Jungle Love2


36” x 37”

Fabric Requirements:

Large Scale Jungle Print White: 1/2 yard

Large Scale Jungle Print Gray: 1/4 yard

Yellow Fabric: 1/8 yard

Gray Fabric: 1/8 yard

Green Fabric: 1/8 yard

Purple (Borders and Binding): 1/2 yard

WOF = Width of Fabric

RST = Right Sides Together


Large Scale Jungle Print 1 (White Fabric Print): 8-1/2” x 36-1/2” – 2 EA

Large Scale Jungle Print 2 (Gray Fabric Print): 8-1/2” x 36-1/2” – 1 EA

Yellow Fabric: 1 strip 2-1/2” x 36-1/2”

Gray Fabric: 1 strip 2-1/2” x 36-1/2”

Green Fabric: 1 strip 3-1/2” x 36-1/2”

Purple Fabric: 4 strips 3-1/2” x WOF Set these strips and remainder of fabric for binding aside

Sew strips together with 1/4″ seam, as shown.  Press towards the darker fabric.

Measure 2 opposite sides of the quilt and cut 2 border strips to those dimensions. Sew, press and measure the remaining opposite sides. Cut 2 border strips to the new dimensions. Sew and press.

Add batting and backing, quilt as desired, bind and enjoy!  For the FREE downloadable instructions for the Jungle Love Strip Quilt, click here.

We have a kit available for the project above including all fabrics for the top, borders and binding, for the very low price of $18, by clicking here.

If you love this project, you will definitely love our Big Block Jungle Quilt.  This 42″ x 42″ quilt is made with the same collection.  The Big Block Jungle Quilt is made up of four 18″ blocks plus borders.  It goes together quickly and easily.  Click here for a kit for the Big Block Jungle Quilt.

Big Block Jungle

Check out the entire Rumble collection.


Send us a photo of your completed quilt and we will showcase it in our Quilt Gallery!


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Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA



BBQ Applique Quilt Template

Each week, LoveQuilting.com provides an applique template which is available for free and immediate download.  The offered template is intended to be used with the fusible applique method, but feel free to unleash your creativity and put it to use as a template for other craft projects.

These applique templates can be reduced or enlarged with your printer or copier, which makes them versatile enough for many projects.  Think beyond the quilt block!  A fabric applique is the perfect embellishment to a t-shirt, tote bag, placemat, apron, or as we’ll describe below, a towel.

This project was inspired by upcoming Father’s Day and needing a quick fun gift.  If you know a dad who is the Master of the Grill, consider this customized hand towel.


Here’s what you need:

Download applique template by clicking here.

1 Hand Towel or Dish Towel

Small scrap of black cotton fabric or fabric of your choice

Small piece of Lite Steam A Seam II Fusible


For this project, there were two sizes of BBQ utensils included.  I chose to use the larger set of utensils.  Trace the utensils on the gridded paper side of the Lite Steam A Seam II.  Following the instructions included, fuse the traced utensils to the back or wrong side of the black fabric.  Cut along the drawn lines.


Find the center of the towel.  Remove the paper from the utensils and place in desired location.  What we love about Lite Steam A Seam II is that you can re-position your applique as  needed.  When you are satisfied with the position of the applique, again following instructions included for fusing, fuse the utensils into place.  With either matching or contrasting thread, stitch around the edge with a straight stitch, blanket stitch, zig zag, satin or any of your favorite decorative stitches.  We suggest stitching the edge to allow the applique to withstand multiple washings.


Be sure to check out all of our free downloadable applique templatesSign up for our newsletter and receive information about free projects and notifications of sales and new inventory.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Let’s have a batik fabric sale! Our shelves are bursting with brilliant hand dyed patterned and watercolor batiks. All batiks are reduced with some as low as $6.95 per yard! Browse our extensive selection and get them while they’re hot!

Batik Fabric-Pattern Batiks  Batik Fabric-Watercolors

We have a wonderful new collection in the shop featuring the ever popular jungle theme, called Rumble, from Windham Fabrics. This collection has two main prints with giraffes, elephants, hippos and lions, and a handful of wonderful coordinating fabrics. Do you have a baby joining your family soon, or a little one that could use a new quilt? We have the perfect project for you!


At LoveQuilting.com, we donate our shop samples to children of all ages and genders, in hospitals. We created this 44” x 44” Big Block Jungle Quilt to showcase the fun fabrics from the Rumble collection, knowing that our shop sample will be going to a sick child in need of comfort. This quilt is super easy and goes together in a few hours. Click here for a kit including all fabrics necessary for the top, borders and binding, as well as full color illustrated instructions.

Big Block Jungle

How about making a quick strip quilt with this collection?  Click here for free downloadable instructions for making this Jungle Love Strip Quilt.

Jungle Love

Want a Jungle Love Strip Quilt kit?  Click here.


Do you know a dad who is the master of the grill? On his special day, Father’s Day, how about giving him a towel personalized just for him? This week, we have an applique template of BBQ utensils, ready for immediate free download. Intended to be used as the fusible applique method, we have fused our utensils to a kitchen towel, then stitched along the edges. This towel will come in very handy while he is mastering his grilling. It was super easy to make and will be extra special because it is made with love! Download your applique template and try one today!  Click here for project instructions.


Save $5 off your order of $50 or more with coupon code JUNGLE. Coupon valid through Monday, June 15th, 2015.

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Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA


Quilt Fabric Tote

We made this version of the Bow Tucks Tote using teal fabrics.  This tote was donated to Kaleidoscope of Hope to be used as an auction item in a fund raising event to raise money to promote awareness, education and research of ovarian cancer.

KOH purse opt

We love what the Kaleidoscope of Hope does and we love the Bow Tucks Tote, so it was a perfect match.  The Bow Tucks Tote is the perfect size to be used as a purse or a small tote.  We have made many of them over the years as gifts and for personal use.

The step by step instructions are precise and easy to follow so that even a novice will have a beautiful successful project.

Bow Tucks Tote

We especially love all the pockets.  There is one pocket on the outside and no less than 8 pockets on the inside of varying sizes.  The corners are boxed to make it roomy on the inside.

We made an oops on this one and forgot to attach the loop button closure.  Since we couldn’t have a purse/tote that didn’t close, we improvised with a coordinating fabric tab that we attached to the back of the bag.  We put a buttonhole in the tab and added the button to the front.  I really love the way this turned out – don’t you?!

Another variation we did was inspired by lost keys.  Do you lose your keys?  We decided to include a hook on the inside that we can attach a key ring to, so that you can always find your keys.  We just took a 1-1/2″ piece of fabric, folded it in half and pressed.  Then opened it and pressed each raw edge to the center, then folded in half again, pressed and stitched 1/4″ from the edge.  No raw edges were left exposed.  This piece was approximately 8″ long.  Then we put the folded fabric through our hook assembly and placed it inside the lining side seam.

Get your Bow Tucks Tote pattern by clicking hereClick here for fusible fleece.

Please send a picture of your completed tote to showcase in our Quilt Gallery.

#bowtuckstote #quilt #fabric #kaleidoscopeofhope #ovariancancer #lovequilting

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA



At LoveQuilting.com, we are proud to support the Kaleidoscope of Hope and their mission to promote education, awareness and research for ovarian cancer. We have donated this fabulous Carpenter’s Star in teal (the official color of ovarian cancer awareness), created with half square triangles and squares. You can read all about the auction that will be taking place and learn to create your own half square triangle carpenter’s star with the free instructions by clicking here.

KOH Quilt Opt

We have a garden of fabric on sale this week. I love when all the summer flowers begin to bloom and have not been wilted by extreme summer heat yet. We hope you will enjoy the floral fabrics and coordinates with us by visiting our What’s on Sale?! Category.


Need inspiration for a new project? Check out these new patterns. These are free and downloadable! These patterns are offered by our fabulous fabric manufacturers, have been tested for accuracy and most are suitable for even the most novice of quilters. All of these patterns are available for immediate download and we are ready to assist you in choosing fabrics for any one of these projects. Feel free to email us with your desired project, color palette, or focal fabric and we will offer suggestions for your unique, coordinated quilt.

Let’s not forget those fabulous and elegant Bali Tiles. Garden Tiles is the newest free downloadable pattern from Hoffman Fabrics featuring the Bali Batik Tiles. This is a must have! If you love Garden Tiles, you are sure to love Tropical Tiles, another wonderful, beginner friendly free pattern from Hoffman Fabrics.

ComboGardenLR Cover jpg  Combo_Tropical_Tiles Cover jpg


Do you know a grad? This week’s free downloadable applique is Class of 2015. This applique has already been reversed for use as a fusible applique and is perfect for a t-shirt, tote bag or pillow. Click here to download your free applique.

2015 jpg

Did you know that June is Adopt a Cat month?  Cats are always ready to help in the sewing room, they will always sit on the pile of fabric that you need to get at, just to make sure it stays in place!  If you aren’t in the market to adopt a cat, perhaps you would consider making a small cat sized quilt for a rescue cat.    Click here for more information about cat quilts.  Check out the Cool Cats collection from Loralie Designs – you are sure to fall in love with these playful colorful kitties!

Cat SetKitty and Quilt Opt

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA





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