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New Digital Quilt Fabrics in Stock NOW!

While digital quilt fabric printing is not a totally new technology, the process has been refined over time.  The process incorporates the finite detail from the original artwork more precisely.  The color spectrum is broader and the resulting quilt fabrics are quite visually appealing.

This week we would like to share our fun new fabrics in stock.

We have the blue color palette of Hoffman Fabric’s new Dream Blossom collection.  These fabrics feature just the right amount of silver metallic highlights for added sparkle.

Dream Blossom

We also have a beginner friendly pattern available for immediate download, featuring this fabric collection.

Dream-Blossom-quilt-pattern cover

The City Skylines is the newest digital collection by Hoffman Fabrics.  The full width focal fabric is versatile enough to be your favorite city skyline.  The intricate detail and color spectrum of these fabrics are a must see.


Combing the City Skylines collection with the bright palette of Hoffman Batiks Watercolors collection, we have two wonderful FREE downloadable patterns to create your metropolis right away.

Skyline-Sensation-quilt-pattern_LR cover     CitySkylines-quilt-pattern cover

From the basics collection by Hoffman Fabrics, we have two new prints featuring black and white with a splash of color.  The large scale hibiscus flowers are approximately 4″.  These fabrics are perfect for apparel, totes and large scale quilt projects.


Another brand new digital print collection from Hoffman Fabrics, Forest Friends, features fun and whimsical critters such as a hedgehog, a fox, a bunny, a raccoon, an owl, a frog, and more.  These fabrics are truly irresistible!  We have a FREE downloadable pattern from Hoffman Fabrics for the intermediate skill level.  We are also in the process of creating our own LoveQuilting.com exclusive pattern that will be available for download very soon.

forest friends coll

Forest-Friends-quilt-pattern_LR cover

Also new in the shop this week, are some wonderful, white on white, tonal fabrics from Benartex.  These are perfect for modern quilts which need a little texture.  They also make great backgrounds.


One of our favorites that is new in the shop this week, is Hoffman Fabrics Watercolor Palette.  This digital print features a swatch of EVERY SINGLE HOFFMAN WATERCOLOR BATIK available as of today!  The digital printing provides the full color spectrum we know and love about the Watercolor Batiks.  I don’t know about you, but I could just hang this on my wall and look at it!  We have some free patterns featuring this 35″ repeat design, that will be available shortly.



As we continue to experience the hot “dog days” of summer, we have ALL our Beach/Nautical fabrics on sale.  But that just wasn’t enough.  Since we are so in love with the way the Hoffman Watercolor Batiks coordinate so well with our new digital and screen print fabrics, we have put our ENTIRE collection of Hoffman Watercolor Batiks on sale as well.  All Watercolor Batiks are ONLY $6.95/yard!



Since we are so excited about all our new digital prints, we are offering you a coupon code, DIGITAL for a discount of $5 off your order of $50 or more!  Coupon valid through September 2, 2015.

Start Shopping Now

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How to Sew A Button onto Quilt Fabric

How do you sew on a button?

Years ago, I learned the basic skill of sewing a button with needle and thread. Even before learning to quilt and finding my passion for sewing, that basic skill came in handy.


Now that I’m a much more experienced sewer and quilter, I’m always looking for ways to improve my sewing efficiency.

My sewing machine can perform many functions and has many feet and accessories available to perform even more functions. One of the available feet is a button foot. This foot is designed to hold the button in place and stitch the button leaving it slightly raised so the button is not attached too tightly.


While that’s great and I love using this foot, I wanted to figure out how you can sew a button on with a machine that doesn’t have this available foot.

What I figured out is that it is absolutely possible! I found the best results were achieved when I removed the foot completely. With no foot, you must be extra careful not to get your finger in the way of the needle.


That being said, put the button in the desired location and place the assembly under the needle. It may be helpful to use a small piece of tape to hold the button temporarily in just the perfect location. Choose a zig zag stitch on your machine and you will need to adjust the width of it according to the layout of your button holes.


Carefully holding the button in place, use the turn wheel on your machine to check where the needle will be stitching. If it is going to hit the button, stop turning and make an adjustment. Keep adjusting until the needle will go easily from one hole to the next.

Sew the button in place. Once you try this technique and see how wonderfully it works, like me, I think you will not look back to needle and thread to sew a button ever again!


This method leaves your button looking neat, secure and it gets accomplished quickly.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com!

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You’re Not Going to Want to Miss this Quilt Fabric Sale!

This is a must shop, have to see it to believe it, Sale, GOING ON RIGHT NOW!  These are the final days left in the Fab Shop’s Blow Out Sale!  We are participating with BLOWING OUT the entire shop!  Save 30% off your entire order through Sunday, August 23rd, 2015.  Savings is valid on ALL fabric by the yard or pre-cuts, patterns, kits and accessories.

Even our newest fabrics are available at this great discount!  That’s like getting end of season, discontinuing a fabric line sale prices on the brand new fabric lines.

Stock up on quilt backings – get your holiday project fabrics – share our sale information with a friend!

Some of our customer favorites have been re-ordered  and were just received.  Many are officially back in stock, so if you were concerned that they were gone forever, these classics are back and going fast!  Here are just a few that we recently received.


Need some inspiration, but don’t want to pay for it?  FREE patterns galore, including quilts and small projects which make great gifts, available by clicking here.  Below are just a few, but we have many more for your immediate download and we add more every week.


Save time on your projects with fully coordinated, pre-cut, 2-1/2″ strips of your favorite Hoffman batiks with our Bali Pops and pre-cut panel and coordinating fat quarter sets, by clicking here.  We even have FREE patterns for those as well!

pops    precut

Each week our blog features a free tutorial.  We have recently added travel accessories, such as a boxy cosmetic bag and a lined drawstring pouch.  Other tutorials you won’t want to miss are How to Make Lined Curtains and step by step instructions for adding quilt borders to avoid unwanted waviness and keep your quilt square.


Don’t miss it – be sure to use coupon code THIRTY at checkout to receive your 30% discount off your entire cart.

If you haven’t already bookmarked our site, you can do it now by clicking here.  Check back each week for our weekly sale items, free patterns available for download and free tutorials on our blog.

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Adding Quilt Fabric Borders

What is the proper way to apply a border to a quilt and why does it really matter?

I can say from personal experience, that my very first quilt class was extremely thorough and right then and there, I was taught the correct way to apply a border. However, at the time it seemed cumbersome and I figured I could streamline the process by taking a shortcut.

I quickly understood the error of my ways! Now I refer to my “streamlined” process as “chunking” the border. What I mean by chunking the border is that I took my border fabric in a long enough piece, started at one end and attached it to my quilt. Sewed it all the way to the end and whatever fabric was left, I cut it off. It went really quick!

This process left my quilts with wavy borders and not square whether hanging on a wall or folding to store or wrap as a gift. I nicknamed the process chunking, because I would just take a chunk of fabric, use what I needed, then cut the remainder off.


The proper way to attach a border is to measure the quilt. Since the dimensions can vary from top to bottom or side to side, you should actually take 3 measurements. For the first 2 borders, measure the left, center and right. Take those three measurements and average them by adding them together, then dividing by 3. Cut two pieces of fabric that exact measurement and attach to the 2 sides.  If it is necessary to piece your border to achieve the measured dimension, then piece it first, then trim it to your calculated length.


When those sides are complete, press the borders and take the measurements for the last 2 borders by measuring top, center and bottom. Average those three measurements by adding those measurements together then dividing by 3.  Piece as necessary and cut the remaining 2 pieces of fabric that exact measurement and attach to the remaining two sides, then press.


By using the “average” dimension, there may be some easing in of fabric required. HELPFUL HINT: When easing in fabric, keep the side with the extra fullness on the bottom. The feed dogs help to work in that extra fullness. An easy way to remember which side the extra fullness goes on is to remember the term “baggy bottom” – the baggy side goes to the bottom.

If you wish to add more than one border, use the process outlined above for each border.

I hope this helps your quilts lie or hang flatter. I’m sure if you have your quilt longarm quilted, your longarm quilter will appreciate the extra time and effort you invested in attaching your borders correctly!

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It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down with vacations coming to an end, kids getting ready to go back to school, days are shorter and evening temperatures are starting to cool.  It’s been a great summer and we would like to celebrate with a HUGE QUILT FABRIC BLOW OUT SALE!

We are once again participating in the Fab Shop’s August Blow Out Sale with 30% off your entire order!  Use coupon code THIRTY at checkout and receive a 30% discount on your entire cart contents.  Since our everyday prices are always below MSRP, your savings is even greater.  Sale dates are August 17th through August 23rd, but for you, our loyal customer, we are inviting you to start saving early.  The coupon code has been activated immediately.  You can start shopping and saving RIGHT AWAY!

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The discount applies to EVERYTHING, even our newest products.  This is a great time to get that new fabric collection you recently fell in love with, or stock up on quilt quality fabric for backings.

star wars iii

If you have been dreaming of a new fall or winter project, or are planning your holiday gift projects, this is a great time to get all the fabrics you need.


Do you know a student headed to college or starting a new career with their own apartment?  How about making a special quilt to remind them of home!  Be sure to check out our extensive collection of FREE downloadable patterns.  Most of our patterns are suited to beginners and confident beginners, with many perfect for novelty fabrics as well as coordinates and blenders.  We also have many holiday project instructions available for FREE download, with more added each week, so check back often.

Hopscotch cover

Combo_Alchemy_ElephantLR Cover

Our website has recently been upgraded to load pages 10 times faster than previously. Now your online shopping experience will be more enjoyable at the same time you save big $$.

Spend $50 or more and receive FREE shipping, within the continential US.  Order before 5:00 PM PST and we will ship your order same business day, so you can enjoy your fabric even sooner.

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Cleaning your Quilt Fabric Iron

This is a product review of Press Perfect by Clover, which is designed to clean your iron.

press perfect

Have you ever noticed that as careful as you are with your iron, over time it builds grime? Cleaning it must be a delicate process to avoid scratching the sole plate, but at the same time, the grime is tough stuff and doesn’t just fall off.

I received my shipment of the Clover Iron Cleaner Pen and I decided to give it a try and then offer my opinion of this product.  The description that came with the product states that this product is safe for both teflon and non-teflon sole plates.

Shown below is the “before” picture of my iron. The main source of grime on my iron comes from adhesives. When doing applique, I typically use the fusible method. As careful as I try to be with small pieces, occasionally some of the adhesive gets on my iron. I also use fusible fleece when making bags and some of this adhesive mysteriously adheres itself to my iron.


Once the adhesive has been heated into place, it is VERY hard to remove.

When I first opened my Clover Iron Cleaner Pen, I read through all the instructions. My first attempt was to use the pen on a cold iron to see how effective it is.

The results, as you can see below, were fair in my opinion. Let me offer a suggestion at this point that became apparent to me during my experiment. Place a paper towel beneath the iron when cleaning. This will help eliminate the liquid chemical that contains the grime from the iron from staining your ironing board cover.


Having scrubbed with the pen and removing as much grime as possible with the iron in a cold state, I turned the iron on and warmed it to the indicated temperature. I scrubbed the warm iron with the pen and was amazed at how easily the remainder of the grime came off, (see picture below).


As there is a chemical in the pen, once I completed my cleaning, I heated up the iron to the cotton setting and took a scrap piece of fabric. Then I ironed that scrap piece to help eliminate any residual chemical.

Overall, I am very pleased with this product. It was easy to use and produced effective results. This is definitely on my list of recommended products.

Get your Press Perfect by Clover by clicking here.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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New Quilt Fabrics Arriving

We have received some fun new print fabrics in the shop this week.  Along with these, we also have some fabulous FREE downloadable patterns featuring these fabrics.  Do you know someone who can’t wait for the release of Star Wars 7?  We have the perfect fabrics to comfort your sci fi fanatic.

star wars iii

Be sure to check out all the free patterns featuring this fabric or any large scale print.

Deco Ritz Quilt cover

The Force Quilt Cover

Flying High Quilt cover

Are you Kirk or Picard?  We love Captain Jean Luc Picard.  Enjoy a voyage on the Starship Enterprise with these wonderful new fabrics from Star Trek The Next Generation.


Click here to see our entire collection of FREE downloadable patterns.


We decided to have something for everyone on sale this week.  We have some beach/nautical fabric on sale, as well as some holiday fabric, batiks, some always useful blenders and a few surprises.  Check out our What’s on Sale?! category and save up to 20% off select products!


My family and I are enjoying a Scandinavian Holiday.   My son will be attending a hockey camp in Sweden for part of the time, which is so exciting for him.  Meanwhile, in addition to Viking ships and other Scandinavian high points, I will be checking out quilt shops in each of the countries we visit.  So far, I have found and visited a quilt shop in Oslo, Norway called Kathrines Quilte Stue.  A beautiful selection of fabrics and very friendly staff.  Luckily, it seems everyone there speaks English, because I don’t speak any Norwegian!

quilt shop oslo

We also saw this wonderful quilt displayed in City Hall in Oslo, Norway, which we were told was made by a quilting group and donated to the city.  It depicts all the highlights of the city such as Viking ships, statues in the park that we visited and even Helga, the protector of Oslo, who is also cast into the iron manhole covers throughout the city.

oslo quilt

Be sure to read our blog which has featured free tutorials for travel accessories made from quilt fabric.

Our wonderful staff is excited to take over and fill all your orders while we are gone.  We promised to bring them some delicious chocolate from our travels!

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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Quilt Fabric Drawstring Pouch

As we continue our blog posts with free tutorials for travel accessories, this week we focused on designing a drawstring pouch.  The inspiration for this pouch came from the need to keep our international power converter, it’s plug and various plug adapters all together in one place.

We are very pleased with the result and have already had a request from my husband to make one for his headphones.  This could also be used for jewelry or other valuables to keep organized when traveling.


Finished size 9” L x 9” W


2 Pieces 10” x 10” from main fabric

2 pieces 10” x 10” from lining fabric

2 Pieces 1-1/2” x 30” from either fabric OR 2 pieces 3/8” x 30” gros grain ribbon


If using fabric for drawstrings, using iron, fold each one in half lengthwise and press. Open up, then press each raw edge to the pressed line and press again. Fold in half lengthwise and press, clip and sew.  If you are using ribbon, skip this step.


On the wrong side of one main fabric piece, measure and make a mark 1-1/2” from top, then 1” down from that mark.


With right sides together, sew both main fabric pieces from top to mark, backstitch, skip to next mark and sew to bottom of each side, backstitching at the mark. Press side seams open and stitch around opening. Sew bottom of main fabric pieces.


On the wrong side of one lining piece, measure from center 1” in each direction and make a mark. With right sides together with both lining pieces, sew down the side and across the bottom up to one mark. Backstitch at the mark. Repeat at other side stopping at other mark. Backstitch at the mark. This will leave a 2” gap for turning later.

Mark a 1” x 1” square on the bottom corner, both sides of the main fabric bag and the bag lining.


Open the corner so the side seam and bottom seam line up and the line you just drew front and back line up. Sew on that line. This should be done on all corners – two on the main fabric bag and two on the bag lining.


Turn lining right side out and place inside main fabric bag so right sides are together. Match up side seams and sew along top edge. Pull lining out and reaching through the gap at the bottom of lining, pull bag through so both main bag and lining are facing right sides out. Press gap in lining and zig zag closed.

Push lining back into bag making sure to have nice square corners. Top stitch at top edge.

Stitch a row of stitching at the top of the drawstring opening and at the bottom of the drawstring opening. Use a mark on your machine’s throat plate or place a piece of painter’s tape to use as a guide so your stitching will be parallel to the top edge.



Using a safety pin, feed one end of one drawstring through one opening in the main bag. Feed that drawstring all the way through so it comes out the same opening it started in. Feed one end of the other drawstring through the opposite opening and feed it all the way through so that it comes out the opening it started in.

Tie a knot at the end of each drawstring end.

Fill your bag with your goodies, then pull on the drawstrings to close.


The one pictured above was made with our Manhattan Modern fabric.  Click here to see that collection.  Or click here for our fun novelty prints, perfect for a drawstring pouch!

Want a free downloadable printable version of these instructions?  Click here.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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Quilt Fabric Tablet Case

As we continue our blog posts featuring free tutorials for vacation essentials made from quilt fabric, this week we are featuring a tablet case made from quilt fabric.  The inspiration for this project came from preparing for my upcoming 18 hour flight.  I am in the process of downloading games and plenty of books to read on my Kindle app.  I wanted a case for my tablet to protect from scratches, but not add too much weight.  That’s where my quilt fabric came in!

Our tablet case includes a pocket that can be used for ear buds or for papers such as a boarding pass.

Tablet Case by LoveQuilting.com

Finished Size: 8” x 10” closed; 16-1/2” x 10” open

WOF = Width of Fabric

RST = Right Sides Together

WST = Wrong Sides Together

All seams are 1/4″, unless noted otherwise

Fabric Cutting Requirements:


2 pieces fabric 6” x 10-1/2” (Red as shown)

1 piece fabric 4-1/2” x 10-1/2” (Purple as shown)

2 pieces fabric 1″ x 10-1/2″ (Cream as shown)

1 Scrap for closure – cut 2 from closure template


2 pieces 8-3/4” x 10-1/2”


1 piece 8-3/4” x 8”

Fusible stabilizer:

1 pieces 17-1/2” x 10-1/2”

1 piece 8-3/4” x 4”

1 Scrap for closure – cut 1 from template

Fusible Fleece:

1 piece 17-1/2” x 10-1/2”

1 Button 1 to 1-1/2”

1/2″ Elastic – 4 pieces x 4”


Fold pocket in half so it measures 4” x 8-3/4”, press. Open and place fusible stabilizer at press line and press into place. Top stitch at folded edge and set aside.



Fuse stabilizer to wrong side of one closure pieces. With RST, sew 1/4″ on all sides of closure EXCEPT side marked “Raw Edge” on template. Clip corners, turn, press and top stitch 1/4″ around all sides EXCEPT “Raw Edge” side. Make a buttonhole to accommodate your button having the start of the buttonhole 1” from the point. Set aside.



Sew front pieces together as shown. Press seams open. Fuse fleece to back side of front, then stitch as desired.


Find the center of the right side of front piece that will be the back of the case when in use, and mark it. Find the center of the raw side of the closure tab and mark it. Matching up center points, place raw edge of closure tab on RIGHT side of the front piece where marked, lining up raw edges, with tab facing in and stitch in place with 1/4″ seam.


Baste sides and bottom of pocket to the right side of one lining piece, matching up bottom edges.

On right side of other lining piece, at the corner, measure 1/2” from the side and make a mark, measure 2-1/2” from the top and make a mark. Place a piece of elastic diagonally at these marks and stitch in place. Repeat for other 3 corners. Be careful not to stretch the elastic.


Trim elastic to edges of lining.


Sew right and left lining pieces together and fuse stabilizer to wrong side.



Place lining RST to front piece lining up the side with elastic strips RST with front piece containing closure tab, and stitch all around with 1/4” seam. Clip corners, press and top stitch 1/8” all around. Enjoy your tablet case!



Click here for a free downloadable and printable version of these instructions.

Do you love the batiks we used for this project?  Click here to our extensive selection of batiks, always priced below MSRP.

Click here for fusible fleece to be used in this project.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Quilt Fabric Laundry Bag with French Seams

As we continue to prepare for our upcoming family vacation and as promised last week, I will continue to share my cotton quilt fabric travel accessories.  This week, you will find below a tutorial for making a fabric laundry bag with french seams.


1.  We love that we can use a favorite piece of fabric and it can be customized for each family member.  This is the perfect project for large scale fun prints.

2.  We love that as a fabric laundry bag, it is re-useable and therefore friendly to our environment.

3.  We love the french seams because there will be no pesky threads from raveling.

4.  We love that it is washable as it is made from quality quilt cotton.

5.  We love that even if you’re not traveling, a fabric laundry bag is perfect for the kid’s room or for a college student heading to the dorm.

Fabric Laundry Bag with French Seams by LoveQuilting.com

Finished size approximately 20” W x 35” L

1 Yard Fabric

1 Cord Stop

Cording – 60”

RST = Right Sides Together

WST = Wrong Sides Together

Square the edges of your fabric and remove selvages. Open fabric so that the width of fabric (approximately 42”) is your top edge. Fold 1/4″ and press. No need to stitch at this time, we will capture this fold in a later step.

Find the center of your top edge by folding in half. Measure 1-1/4” down from the folded edge at the top at the center mark and draw a line from this point to 1-3/4” from the folded edge. This 1/2″ line is where you should place your buttonhole. I use a piece of stabilizer under my fabric for buttonhole making to avoid fabric puckers. Cut buttonhole open.


Fold your fabric in half WST (Wrong Sides Together) so that your folded edge and buttonhole are at the top and stitch 1/4″ down the long side and across the bottom.


Turn wrong side out so Right Sides are together and press the seams you just sewed. With RST, stitch 1/2″ along the long side and the bottom, encasing the 1/4″ seam.

Fold top edge down 1” creating your casing for the cord. Stitch at the folded edge 1/4″. Make sure you captured the raw edge. If you didn’t, it’s okay to stitch another row 1/8” from the fold to secure the raw edge.


Feed your cord through the buttonhole, all the way through the casing and back out the buttonhole. A safety pin at the leading edge of the cord may help get the cord through. Feed both ends of the cord through the Cord Stop. I find it helpful to tightly wrap the ends with tape to feed through the cord stop, then remove the tape. Tie a knot in each end so the cord will not accidentally come out of the cord stop.


Stow your laundry in style!

laundry5 laundry6

For a free downloadable printable versions of these instructions, click here.

Check out our selection of novelty prints, guaranteed to add style to your laundry!

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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