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Quilt Fabric Drawstring Pouch

As we continue our blog posts with free tutorials for travel accessories, this week we focused on designing a drawstring pouch.  The inspiration for this pouch came from the need to keep our international power converter, it’s plug and various plug adapters all together in one place.

We are very pleased with the result and have already had a request from my husband to make one for his headphones.  This could also be used for jewelry or other valuables to keep organized when traveling.


Finished size 9” L x 9” W


2 Pieces 10” x 10” from main fabric

2 pieces 10” x 10” from lining fabric

2 Pieces 1-1/2” x 30” from either fabric OR 2 pieces 3/8” x 30” gros grain ribbon


If using fabric for drawstrings, using iron, fold each one in half lengthwise and press. Open up, then press each raw edge to the pressed line and press again. Fold in half lengthwise and press, clip and sew.  If you are using ribbon, skip this step.


On the wrong side of one main fabric piece, measure and make a mark 1-1/2” from top, then 1” down from that mark.


With right sides together, sew both main fabric pieces from top to mark, backstitch, skip to next mark and sew to bottom of each side, backstitching at the mark. Press side seams open and stitch around opening. Sew bottom of main fabric pieces.


On the wrong side of one lining piece, measure from center 1” in each direction and make a mark. With right sides together with both lining pieces, sew down the side and across the bottom up to one mark. Backstitch at the mark. Repeat at other side stopping at other mark. Backstitch at the mark. This will leave a 2” gap for turning later.

Mark a 1” x 1” square on the bottom corner, both sides of the main fabric bag and the bag lining.


Open the corner so the side seam and bottom seam line up and the line you just drew front and back line up. Sew on that line. This should be done on all corners – two on the main fabric bag and two on the bag lining.


Turn lining right side out and place inside main fabric bag so right sides are together. Match up side seams and sew along top edge. Pull lining out and reaching through the gap at the bottom of lining, pull bag through so both main bag and lining are facing right sides out. Press gap in lining and zig zag closed.

Push lining back into bag making sure to have nice square corners. Top stitch at top edge.

Stitch a row of stitching at the top of the drawstring opening and at the bottom of the drawstring opening. Use a mark on your machine’s throat plate or place a piece of painter’s tape to use as a guide so your stitching will be parallel to the top edge.



Using a safety pin, feed one end of one drawstring through one opening in the main bag. Feed that drawstring all the way through so it comes out the same opening it started in. Feed one end of the other drawstring through the opposite opening and feed it all the way through so that it comes out the opening it started in.

Tie a knot at the end of each drawstring end.

Fill your bag with your goodies, then pull on the drawstrings to close.


The one pictured above was made with our Manhattan Modern fabric.  Click here to see that collection.  Or click here for our fun novelty prints, perfect for a drawstring pouch!

Want a free downloadable printable version of these instructions?  Click here.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Quilt Fabric Tablet Case

As we continue our blog posts featuring free tutorials for vacation essentials made from quilt fabric, this week we are featuring a tablet case made from quilt fabric.  The inspiration for this project came from preparing for my upcoming 18 hour flight.  I am in the process of downloading games and plenty of books to read on my Kindle app.  I wanted a case for my tablet to protect from scratches, but not add too much weight.  That’s where my quilt fabric came in!

Our tablet case includes a pocket that can be used for ear buds or for papers such as a boarding pass.

Tablet Case by LoveQuilting.com

Finished Size: 8” x 10” closed; 16-1/2” x 10” open

WOF = Width of Fabric

RST = Right Sides Together

WST = Wrong Sides Together

All seams are 1/4″, unless noted otherwise

Fabric Cutting Requirements:


2 pieces fabric 6” x 10-1/2” (Red as shown)

1 piece fabric 4-1/2” x 10-1/2” (Purple as shown)

2 pieces fabric 1″ x 10-1/2″ (Cream as shown)

1 Scrap for closure – cut 2 from closure template


2 pieces 8-3/4” x 10-1/2”


1 piece 8-3/4” x 8”

Fusible stabilizer:

1 pieces 17-1/2” x 10-1/2”

1 piece 8-3/4” x 4”

1 Scrap for closure – cut 1 from template

Fusible Fleece:

1 piece 17-1/2” x 10-1/2”

1 Button 1 to 1-1/2”

1/2″ Elastic – 4 pieces x 4”


Fold pocket in half so it measures 4” x 8-3/4”, press. Open and place fusible stabilizer at press line and press into place. Top stitch at folded edge and set aside.



Fuse stabilizer to wrong side of one closure pieces. With RST, sew 1/4″ on all sides of closure EXCEPT side marked “Raw Edge” on template. Clip corners, turn, press and top stitch 1/4″ around all sides EXCEPT “Raw Edge” side. Make a buttonhole to accommodate your button having the start of the buttonhole 1” from the point. Set aside.



Sew front pieces together as shown. Press seams open. Fuse fleece to back side of front, then stitch as desired.


Find the center of the right side of front piece that will be the back of the case when in use, and mark it. Find the center of the raw side of the closure tab and mark it. Matching up center points, place raw edge of closure tab on RIGHT side of the front piece where marked, lining up raw edges, with tab facing in and stitch in place with 1/4″ seam.


Baste sides and bottom of pocket to the right side of one lining piece, matching up bottom edges.

On right side of other lining piece, at the corner, measure 1/2” from the side and make a mark, measure 2-1/2” from the top and make a mark. Place a piece of elastic diagonally at these marks and stitch in place. Repeat for other 3 corners. Be careful not to stretch the elastic.


Trim elastic to edges of lining.


Sew right and left lining pieces together and fuse stabilizer to wrong side.



Place lining RST to front piece lining up the side with elastic strips RST with front piece containing closure tab, and stitch all around with 1/4” seam. Clip corners, press and top stitch 1/8” all around. Enjoy your tablet case!



Click here for a free downloadable and printable version of these instructions.

Do you love the batiks we used for this project?  Click here to our extensive selection of batiks, always priced below MSRP.

Click here for fusible fleece to be used in this project.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Quilt Fabric Laundry Bag with French Seams

As we continue to prepare for our upcoming family vacation and as promised last week, I will continue to share my cotton quilt fabric travel accessories.  This week, you will find below a tutorial for making a fabric laundry bag with french seams.


1.  We love that we can use a favorite piece of fabric and it can be customized for each family member.  This is the perfect project for large scale fun prints.

2.  We love that as a fabric laundry bag, it is re-useable and therefore friendly to our environment.

3.  We love the french seams because there will be no pesky threads from raveling.

4.  We love that it is washable as it is made from quality quilt cotton.

5.  We love that even if you’re not traveling, a fabric laundry bag is perfect for the kid’s room or for a college student heading to the dorm.

Fabric Laundry Bag with French Seams by LoveQuilting.com

Finished size approximately 20” W x 35” L

1 Yard Fabric

1 Cord Stop

Cording – 60”

RST = Right Sides Together

WST = Wrong Sides Together

Square the edges of your fabric and remove selvages. Open fabric so that the width of fabric (approximately 42”) is your top edge. Fold 1/4″ and press. No need to stitch at this time, we will capture this fold in a later step.

Find the center of your top edge by folding in half. Measure 1-1/4” down from the folded edge at the top at the center mark and draw a line from this point to 1-3/4” from the folded edge. This 1/2″ line is where you should place your buttonhole. I use a piece of stabilizer under my fabric for buttonhole making to avoid fabric puckers. Cut buttonhole open.


Fold your fabric in half WST (Wrong Sides Together) so that your folded edge and buttonhole are at the top and stitch 1/4″ down the long side and across the bottom.


Turn wrong side out so Right Sides are together and press the seams you just sewed. With RST, stitch 1/2″ along the long side and the bottom, encasing the 1/4″ seam.

Fold top edge down 1” creating your casing for the cord. Stitch at the folded edge 1/4″. Make sure you captured the raw edge. If you didn’t, it’s okay to stitch another row 1/8” from the fold to secure the raw edge.


Feed your cord through the buttonhole, all the way through the casing and back out the buttonhole. A safety pin at the leading edge of the cord may help get the cord through. Feed both ends of the cord through the Cord Stop. I find it helpful to tightly wrap the ends with tape to feed through the cord stop, then remove the tape. Tie a knot in each end so the cord will not accidentally come out of the cord stop.


Stow your laundry in style!

laundry5 laundry6

For a free downloadable printable versions of these instructions, click here.

Check out our selection of novelty prints, guaranteed to add style to your laundry!

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Quilt Fabric Landscapes and Travel Accessories

Summers are popular for vacations, some are short and some are long.  Do you prefer a walk in the sand, or perhaps a trip to the vineyard?  A trip to the amusement park is always exciting.

Our vast selection of landscape fabrics help capture those vacation memories in quilts, pillows, wall hangings, bags or other home decor.

quilt fabrics landscape fabric


Like most things in quilting, there are more than one way to achieve a final result.  At LoveQuilting.com we have put together a beginner friendly kit to help you get started creating your own landscape projects.  This kit creates a pillow with a beach theme, but this technique can also be used with different fabrics and appliques.  Consider creating a garden, a stream, a mountain or any other nature inspired scene that you wish to capture in fabric.  Click here for our beginner friendly kit.



We have put all our landscape themed fabrics on sale.  Save up to 20% or more off our already below MSRP pricing, by shopping now!  Shop Now


Try one of our quilters fans, Quilters are Hot Stuff or One Cool Quilter.

Red Fan  Blue Fan

MORE POPULAR THAN EVER are our Watersorb Crystals.  When used in our Cool Neck Tie project, these crystals absorb water and magically increase to seven times their size.  With this additional surface area, the water absorbed crystals transfer the coolness when the tie is placed on your neck, bringing down your body temperature.  These are used extensively by our troops in desert conditions because they offer much needed relief from the heat.  Click here for your free downloadable Cool Yourself Down Tie pattern.


With ice cream, of course!  Make ours a triple!  Click here for your FREE downloadable ice cream applique and embellish your shirts, bags, quilts or other craft projects.  How many scoops will you have and what flavors can you create?!

triple scoop


Be sure to check out our blog for our quilt fabric travel accessories free tutorials and downloadable instructions with quilt fabric suggestions.

This boxy cosmetic bag made with our Manhattan Modern collection, is perfect for toiletries or for holding our electronic chargers.


This laundry bag, made from quilt fabric, is environmentally friendly, contains no raw seams that will ravel and is perfect for travel, camp, or the dorm.


As long as we’re in vacation mode, use coupon code VACATION and save $5 off your order of $50 or more.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA




Turning Quilt Fabric into Ice Cream!

July is National Ice Cream Month, with the third Sunday, July 15th, as National Ice Cream Day. WOW! This National month long celebration of ice cream was made official by Presidential Proclamation in 1984. What better way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, than with FREE ice cream? At LoveQuilting.com, while it would be very difficult to send you FREE ice cream, we have several FREE downloadable quilt patterns featuring ICE CREAM!

You can have your ice creams in any flavor your imagination can scoop up. You can choose fabrics that are traditional ice cream flavors, such as creamsicle, mint or cookies and cream or perhaps your scoops are striped, flowered or dotted. You can have one scoop or twelve! Make a full quilt or table decor.  Whatever you decide, you are sure to have a hit with young and old.

ice cream

You can check out all our free patterns here.

We love our Watercolor Batiks for cones and scoops.  They’re bright and mottled to give the look of melting ice cream.


We think our Art Gallery fabrics would make great ice cream too!  They are available in a fabulous array of shades and colors and they add interest with tonal texture.  And BEST of all, all Art Gallery Fabrics are on sale this week!  Click here to start saving now.

If your ice cream quilt project doesn’t cool you off, we have the perfect fan for all the HOT quilters!  These hand held fans open to a full 10″, but fold to 3″ with their very own carrying case to fit conveniently in your purse or sewing bag.

Blue Fan   Red Fan

Our favorite new pattern in the shop this week is Preppy the Whale.  Pattern includes instructions for Mini, Child or Picnic size quilts.  Make your herd of whales bright and colorful!  Click here for our collection of Stof fabrics in solids and tone on tone prints.


Our Watersorb Crystals used in Cool Neck Ties are another perfect way to cool down during the summer heat, and they are selling quickly.  Get your free downloadable pattern here and don’t forget the Watersorb Crystals.


Here’s another HOT deal from LoveQuilting.com.  Save an additional $5 off your order of $50 or more with coupon code ICE CREAM.  Coupon valid through 7/15/15.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA



Quilt Fabric Boxy Cosmetic Bag

With a big family vacation coming up in August, we needed some fabric travel accessories, because I love fabric!  I’m going to share these with you over the next few weeks.  This week’s tutorial is for a Quilt Fabric Boxy Cosmetic Bag.  This bag measures 10″ x 7″ x 4″ deep.  It’s the perfect size to hold the toiletries we need.  I added handles so that it is easy to carry from suitcase to bathroom.  I think I am going to make a second bag dedicated to electronic chargers.  When I think about the amount of electronics our family of 4 will be traveling with and that many of them have different connections, it will be handy to keep all the chargers in one central location.

Cosmetic Bag by LoveQuilting.com


 WOF = Width of Fabric

RST = Right Sides Together

WST = Wrong Sides Together

All seams are 1/4″, unless noted otherwise

Fabric Cutting Requirements:


2 pieces fabric 5-1/2” x 13” – Top Exterior of Bag

2 pieces fabric 5-1/2” x 13” – Bottom Exterior of Bag


2 pieces 10” x 13”

Fusible stabilizer:

2 pieces 10” x 13”

2 pieces 5” x 20”


5” x WOF – Sub cut in half

Pull Tabs:

2 pieces 2” x 5”


Fuse 5” x 20” stabilizer to each handle piece. Fold handles in half lengthwise, then open, fold each edge to crease line, then fold in half. Stitch down each side.

Prepare the pull tabs by folding the 2” x 5” pieces of fabric in half lengthwise, then open, fold each edge to crease line, then fold in half. Stitch down the center and set aside.


Find center of bottom exterior front piece, measure 2” from center to right and make a mark. Measure 2” from center to left and make a mark. Set edge of each handle on right and left marks. Stitch handles in place. Repeat for other side.


Place raw edge of one piece of top exterior of bag to raw edge with handles of exterior bottom of bag and stitch with 1/4″ seam. Repeat for other side.

Fuse stabilizer to wrong side of top and bottom pieces just joined. Press handles towards top of bag and top stitch in place at the seam between top and bottom pieces. Add stitching as desired.



Place one exterior piece FACE UP, place zipper FACE DOWN with zipper pull on the left. Line up the top edge of the zipper with the top edge of the front piece. Place a lining piece FACE DOWN lining up the top edge of the lining piece with the top edge of the zipper and front piece. Be careful to keep the handles clear of the sewing area. Sew with a ¼” seam.


Fold the lining piece so that it is WRONG SIDES TOGETHER with the exterior piece that you just sewed the zipper to. Press and stitch ¼” from edge. This will keep the lining fabric from getting caught in the zipper.

Take the other front piece and place FACE UP, place the piece you just sewed and place it FACE DOWN so the lining piece is facing up, lining up the unsewn part of the zipper with the top of the exterior piece. The zipper pull will be to the right at this point. Place the last lining piece and place it FACE DOWN. Be careful to keep the handles clear of the sewing area. Sew with a ¼” seam.


Fold the lining piece so that it is WRONG SIDES TOGETHER with the front piece that you just sewed the zipper to. Press and stitch ¼” from edge.



Sew bottom exterior pieces together at bottom, sew bottom of lining pieces together leaving a 3” gap in the center for turning later.


Carefully trim the edges of your zipper to the ends of the bag if it is extending beyond the edges. Take the pull tabs, fold in half lengthwise and place on zipper with the folded edge of the pull tab facing the center.


Line up the bottom seam of the exterior with the zipper and line this up with the bottom seam of the lining. Now your bottom seams and zipper are in the center. Sew along this side. Repeat for other side.


Reach in through gap in lining bottom and open zipper all the way. Lay the bag flat, with corners square, with the lining facing out. At each corner, open the corner so the bottom seam is in the center of the corner triangle, measure 2” on either side of the corner. Make a mark, then join the 2 marks with a diagonal line at each corner. Stitch along this line being careful that all layers are flat and avoid stitching on the handles – this is what gives your cosmetic bag it’s boxy shape.


As a final step, press the turning gap at the bottom of the lining and zig zag closed. Turn bag and enjoy!


For a downloadable pdf version of these instructions, click here.

Do you LOVE the fabric as shown?  This is from our Manhattan Modern collection, click here.

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Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA





Have you checked out our HOT SUMMER DEAL? Let’s PARTY ON at LoveQuilting.com! Our HOT SUMMER DEAL continues with 20% off your entire order. Choose from all our fabrics including even our newest SMOKING HOT products, SIZZLING precuts, BLAZING patterns and SCORCHING kits! Get your new project started today or stock up for quilt backs. The coupon code PARTY is good through July 6th, 2015.

Some of our newest fabrics include the Hidden Cove collection by Windham Fabrics.  Available for this collection is a free downloadable pattern called Botany Bay.  For your convenience, we have packaged up kits for the Botany Bay Quilt.

Hidden Cove Collage   Botany Bay Cover

Direct from Bali, we have these fabulous Bali Tiles from Hoffman Fabrics.  This fabric is 45″ wide and features intricately detailed hand dyed batik medallions neatly lined across the full width.  Each tile is approximately 8″ and is versatile for use in pillows, totes, table decor or large scale quilts.  Available for these fabrics are 2 free downloadable patterns called Garden Tiles and Tropical Tiles.

Ethnic Medallion Tile Amethyst

Ethnic Medallion Tile Leaf

Medallion Tiles Key Lime

ComboGardenLR Cover jpg

Combo_Tropical_Tiles Cover jpg

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Do you LOVE solids?  Check out our extensive collection of Bali hand dye solids and watercolors.

bali collage

Batik Fabric-Watercolors


You need a Cool Neck Tie!  Get the free downloadable instructions here to make your own Cool Neck Tie.  Be sure to pick up the amazing Watersorb Crystals and be prepared to watch the magic happen before your very eyes and feel the immediate cooling powers.

tie4   watersorb3


We have instructions on our blog for how to make a double sided fabric pinwheel. The fabric pinwheel can be attached to a stick and used as indoor or outdoor décor, or it can be used without the stick and sewn to a quilt as a dimensional embellishment! The pinwheel size can be modified to be larger or smaller by adjusting the starting square size. Imagine what a fun project that will make!  Click here to read more.


Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA


Pinwheels made from Quilt Fabric

Pinwheels make me think of summer and especially the 4th of July. I remember as a kid, lining up on Main Street to watch the 4th of July parade and holding a red, white and blue pinwheel that would spin from the wind.

These pinwheels were plastic wheels on a wood stick. Today I’m going to make pinwheels using fabric in place of the plastic. Actually, I’m going to use 2 fabrics to create a visual contrast.


2 contrasting fabrics 6-1/2” x 6-1/2”

1 piece of double sided fusible stabilizer – click here for Lite Steam A Seam II

1 button

1 pencil, straw or wood stick ( I used a bamboo skewer)

You can cut your fabric squares with a straight edge, or if you wish to have a fancier edge to your pinwheel, you can cut your fabric pieces using the pinking blade in your rotary cutter or pinking shears.

For this example, I cut one set of squares with a straight edge and one set with a pinked edge.


Fuse one side of your double sided fusible to the wrong side of one of your squares of fabric. Fuse the other side of your double sided fusible to the wrong side of your second fabric square.

We’re going to make marks with your iron to use as guidelines. Fold your two sided square in half along one diagonal and press, fold in half along the other diagonal and press. Where these press lines intersect is the center.

From the center measure 1” towards the corner along each press line and make a light mark with chalk or a pencil. Cut from the corner to your mark at each corner. If you are using a pinking blade for your outer edges, you can use a pinking blade for these cuts as well.


Starting with one segment, fold one pointy edge towards the center and hold it there. Take every other segment and do the same until you have 4 segments in the center.

Tack the points in the center with a few stitches.


Place your button in the center and sew to hold the segments in place. This is your pinwheel!

Take your pinwheel and with a pin through one of the holes of the button, pin the pinwheel to the eraser of a pencil, straw or wood stick.

You can stick the pencil or stick in the ground as an outside décor, or place several in a jar on your table as an inside décor.  I placed my pinwheels in a jar of glass marbles and stars.


Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Summer, Birthday Parties and Quilt Fabric

Summer is officially upon us and the 4th of July, America’s Birthday, is the first big holiday. Are you feeling patriotic? Are you feeling like a birthday celebration? At LoveQuilting.com, we’re having a fabric party! We could go through our shelves and pick and choose what fabrics to bring to the party and put on sale, but what fun would that be? We want to have a party with all our fabrics – so EVERYTHING is on sale!

Party Sale

Receive a 20% discount off your entire cart with coupon code PARTY and be part of our celebration! Coupon valid through July 6th, 2015.

What would a party be without a party favor? For every purchase, you will receive a FREE LoveQuilting.com exclusive pattern. Come celebrate with us!

Are you going to a 4th of July BBQ? Do you need a hostess gift? Click here for our tutorial and free applique download to make this quick and easy gift.


Heading to the shore? Carry your essentials in style! Try one of our tote patterns with your favorite beach/nautical themed fabric.

tote collage

We have a fabulous selection of beach/nautical themed fabric for your summer inspired projects.

Hidden Cove Collage    Maine Attraction

When it heats up in your sewing room, try working with the cool color palette of blues, greens and purples and feel the temperature recede.

cool collage

I feel cooler just looking at that collage of fabrics!


Download this FREE tutorial to make your own cool neck tie and feel the magical cooling powers of the Watersorb Crystals.  You can get Watersorb Crystals by clicking here.  Each package contains enough crystals to make 3 cool neck ties, for the low price of $2 per package!



If you’re like me, you have many birthdays through the summer. Now you can have your cake and eat it too with this FREE and fun cupcake applique template available for immediate download for your use to embellish a shirt, towel, placemat, bag or pillow. Guaranteed to have zero calories! Intended for use as a fusible applique, this free template can be used for your other craft projects as well. Click here to download yours now!


Words of warning, my daughter goes for her driving test this week. If you’re safely at your BBQ destination, you may want to consider staying there for a while! Just kidding, she’ll be a great driver and I wish her the best of luck!

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Do you love outdoor activities? A visit to the county fair, baseball games, soccer games, gardening, or exercising? Sweltering temperatures are in the forecast, are you ready? A very simple cool tie made with cotton quilt fabric and Watersorb Crystals, is what you need to be able to enjoy all that summer has to offer!


These cool ties rest on the neck and help bring down body temperature, with the magical cooling powers of Watersorb Crystals. The crystals absorb water and expand in size offering additional surface area. Using cotton quilt fabric for your neck tie, the fabric draws the moisture from the crystals creating evaporative cooling when placed on your heated skin.


Below is a free tutorial to make your own Cool Yourself Down Tie, or you can click here for a downloadable printable version.  Watersorb Crystals are available by clicking here.  Each package of Watersorb Crystals, priced at the very low price of $2 per package, contain enough crystals for THREE Cool Yourself Down Ties.  Consider making one for an elderly family member, neighbor or friend, who often get over heated by extreme temperatures.


Finished size Approximately 3” x 40”

100% Cotton Fabric – 6” x Width of Fabric

4 Teaspoons of Watersorb Crystals

Fold fabric in half lengthwise Right Sides Together and press. Using the 45 degree line on your ruler, mark and cut both edges.


Sew raw edges together all the way around, leaving a 2” opening in center of long side.

Trim corners and turn tie so right side is facing out. Press. Fold in half lengthwise and mark this half way mark. Measure 6” from the center on each side and mark again. Measure 6” from that point on each side and mark again. These will be your stitching guides as you fill the tie with Watersorb crystals.


Stitch at the mark on either end. Place a teaspoon of Watersorb crystals in through the opening and shake down towards one end. Once all the crystals are at or near the stitching line, stitch the next mark to secure the crystals in that pocket. Repeat filling the crystals on the other end. Always work away from the center to avoid closing the opening until all pockets are filled. You should have 4 pockets with Watersorb crystals and the 2 ends will have no crystals.

Don’t be fooled by how empty each pocket seems, these crystals will absorb enough water to expand seven times their size!

Top stitch 1/4″ all sides making sure the opening is closed. Adjust the crystals as you go trying to avoid the crystals at the needle location.

Soak your tie in a bowl of water for 20 to 30 minutes and be amazed as you watch the magic happen before your eyes!



Place around neck and feel the cooling effects. Re-hydrate as necessary by soaking in water for approximately 5 minutes. To store, let dry completely, crystals will return to original size and will be ready for re-hydration.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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