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As we head into Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, we start thinking about longer days, warm temperatures, barbeques, picnics and days at the beach. At LoveQuilting.com, we love the beach and are proud to bring you an extensive selection of Beach/Nautical quilt fabrics.

Our newest collection, just in, is Hidden Cove by Windham Fabrics. This vintage collection includes a panel and wonderful complimentary coordinates. Be sure to check out the free downloadable pattern for the Hidden Cove collection, Botany Bay, a beginner friendly pattern,  with a complex look. We also have kits available for Botany Bay with all fabrics for the top, borders and binding.

Hidden Cove Collage

Botany Bay Cover

Whether your summertime pasttime is surfing, fishing or walking in the sand, we have a fabric for you!  Click here to see our huge selection.  Have you ever wanted to learn to make a landscape quilt?  We have a kit with instructions for our favorite technique.




This week we have a nautical inspired free applique download. This template, which can be used as a fusible applique for a beach quilt, pillow, table runner, tote pocket or simply added to a shirt, or as a template for other craft projects, is a playful seahorse. Make your seahorse come to life in bright colors and consider adding embellishments!


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As we continue our series of quilt fabric accessories, even though we intended these accessories to complement our totes or purses, they also make great stand alone gifts or projects. These are all fairly beginner friendly and definitely stash busting patterns. This week, we have a tutorial for a zippered bag with an optional strap and 2 pockets inside.  Let’s face it – who couldn’t use a zippered bag?!  These are perfect for when you need to run out real quick and need a place for your keys, license, phone and cash or credit card!



This bag has 2 pockets inside – one is the right size for a driver’s license/credit card and the other is the right size to accommodate similar to an iphone 5.

Finished size 6-1/2”” W x 8” L



Main Fabric – 4” x 8-1/2” – 2 EA

Accent Fabric – 3-1/2” x 8-1/2” – 2 EA

Strap (Main Front Fabric) – 1-1/2” x 14” – Optional

Lining – 7” x 8-1/2” – 2 EA

One Side Fusible Interfacing – 7” x 8-1/2” – 2 EA

Lining Pockets – 5” x 7” – 1 EA, 7-1/2” x 7” – 1 EA

Fusible Fleece – 8-1/2” x 7” – 2 EA, 5” x 3-1/2” – 1 EA, 7” x 3-3/4” – 1 EA

Zipper – 9”




Sew main fabric to accent fabric to create a bag front and a bag back. Press to the darker fabric and fuse fusible fleece to each piece.

Quilt front and back pieces if and as desired. This is a great opportunity to use some decorative stitches on your machine or practice your free motion quilting. I placed a row of stitches at the seam between the main fabric and accent fabric.


Press each of the lining pockets WRONG SIDES TOGETHER in half. Your pockets should measure 5” x 3-1/2” and 7” x 3-3/4”. Open them up and fuse the fusible fleece to one half of each pocket.


With pockets folded in half RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, stitch each side. Turn and press taking extra care to have nice crisp corners. Top stitch top of each pocket. At this point, the pocket bottoms will be raw edges.


Fuse interfacing to both lining pieces.

Find the center of each lining piece and each pocket. Mark with a pin or press. Measure and mark 4-1/2” from the top of each lining piece. Place the raw edge of the pocket, lining up center point of pocket to center point of lining. Top of pocket should be facing away from the top of the lining. Pin and sew in place. Press the pocket up towards the top of the lining. Press and pin in place. Sew each side of the pocket.


Place one front piece FACE UP, place zipper FACE DOWN with zipper pull on the left. Line up the top edge of the zipper with the top edge of the front piece. Place a lining piece FACE DOWN lining up the top edge of the lining piece with the top edge of the zipper and front piece. When placing the lining piece, make sure the pocket opening is closest to the zipper. Sew with a ¼” seam.


Fold the lining piece so that it is WRONG SIDES TOGETHER with the front piece that you just sewed the zipper to. Press and stitch ¼” from edge. This will keep the lining fabric from getting caught in the zipper.

Take the other front piece and place FACE UP, place the piece you just sewed and place it FACE DOWN, lining up the unsewn part of the zipper with the top of the front piece. The zipper pull will be to the right at this point. Place the last lining piece and place it FACE DOWN. Sew with a ¼” seam.

Fold the lining piece so that it is WRONG SIDES TOGETHER with the front piece that you just sewed the zipper to. Press and stitch ¼” from edge.

Optional Strap: Press the 1-1/2” strip in half WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Open and press each raw edge to the center fold just created. Press in half once again and stitch once down the center. Both long edges will be folded edges at this point.

Measure 2” from the top of the front bag section. Fold the strap in half lengthwise and place the 2 raw edges 1/2” onto the front side of the front section. Handle should be across the front of the bag front. Sew in place.


Unzip the zipper half way. Carefully cut the unused ends of the zipper even with the bag sides.

Keeping the zipper unzipped half way, lay the bag out flat so the 2 front pieces are RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and the 2 lining pieces are RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Sew a ¼” seam around all 4 sides leaving a 2” opening in the bottom of the lining pieces.


Reach through the 2” opening and unzip the zipper all the way. Gently pull the bag through the 2” opening. It will be a bit bulky at this point, but work it gently and it will turn right side out. Press the ends of the opening and either top stitch, zig zag or whip stitch opening closed. Push the lining back inside the bag.



Click here for the printable download of these instructions.


LoveQuilting.com is hosting a HUGE sale now through Saturday, May 23, 2015.  Save 30% off your entire order with coupon code THIRTY at checkout.  LoveQuilting.com offers quality quilt cottons specializing in Beach/Nautical themed fabric, Batiks, Solids and so much more.

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As a subscriber to the LoveQuilting.com newsletter, we are pleased to provide you with this SNEAK PEEK and HEAD START in our participation of the Fab Shop Hop’s HUGE MAY BLOW OUT SALE! The sale officially begins May 18th and runs through May 22nd, but we’re letting you know about it today.

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Beach/Nautical, Batiks, Stripes, Dots, Blenders, Solids and so much more! This is a great time to stock up on quilt backings, indulge in your next project or treat yourself to the quilt fabrics you love! Just a reminder that shipping on orders over $50 is always FREE!

Fabric Opt

If you don’t have a project in mind, be sure to check out our pattern selection. We have many FREE downloadable patterns to offer inspiration. Also be sure to check out our Gallery for creativity on display.


As we get closer to Memorial Day weekend, we start thinking about patriotism and patriotic projects. For your use in all your patriotic projects, we have a FREE DOWNLOADABLE applique star. This star template can be used as a fusible applique or a template for other craft projects. You can also enlarge or reduce the size to fit your project to perfection. Click here for your free download.


Do you have end of the school year teacher gifts you would like to make? Be sure to check out our blog where we have been offering a series titled Quilt Fabric Accessories, that could be just the gift idea you are looking for. Part 1 featured a Fabric Tissue Holder. Part 2 included a tutorial for a Key Fob. This week is Part 3 and provides instructions for a Cel Phone, Eye Glass or Sun Glass Case.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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Welcome to Part 3 of our Quilt Fabric Accessories Series where we offer detailed illustrated instructions to create fabric accessories for your purse or totes. These accessories can be coordinated to your fabric bags or they can stand alone with other bags or made as quick gifts. These accessories are mainly scrap friendly projects.

This week’s accessory is for a cel phone, eye glass or sunglass case. You may even consider making more than one.


This is a simple open ended case that is sized to hold a phone similar to an iphone 5, eye glasses or sunglasses.

Finished size: 3-1/2” x 6”


Main Fabric – 4” x 13” – 1EA *Keep in mind if using directional fabric that one side will be upside down. If using directional fabric cut 2 pieces 4” x 6-3/4” and sew together at bottom edge so that the print is going in the right direction on both sides

Lining Fabric – 4” x 6-3/4” – 2 EA

Fusible Fleece – 4” x 13” – 1 EA


Fuse fleece to main fabric. Add decorative stitches if desired.   Fold in half right sides together and stitch ¼” seam on each side. Leave inside out.

Put lining pieces right sides together and stitch ¼” down each side and at bottom edge leaving a 2” gap for turning. Clip corners, turn and press.

Place lining inside main piece so that right sides of each piece are facing. Pin and sew ¼” around top edge. Reach in and pull out lining. Reach in through 2” gap and pull main piece all the way through lining. Straighten and push out corners. Tuck lining back into main piece and press. Top stitch if desired – not necessary.


I like to have one for each season and holiday.  Here’s another one I made for spring using a Loralie coordinate with an appliqued whimsical fly from another fabric in the collection:

loralie case


If you missed Part 1, Tissue Holder, click here. For Part 2, Key Fob, click here.

I love hearing from my readers so please feel free to leave a comment and by all means, if you send a picture of your completed quilt fabric accessory I will display it in our gallery.


LoveQuilting.com is hosting a HUGE sale now through Saturday, May 23, 2015.  Save 30% off your entire order with coupon code THIRTY at checkout.  LoveQuilting.com offers quality quilt cottons specializing in Beach/Nautical themed fabric, Batiks, Solids and so much more.

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Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Join me in celebrating Mother’s Day 2015. Let’s face it, everyone either is a mother, has a mother or knows a mother. If you fall into one of those categories, then you are welcome to celebrate Mother’s Day at LoveQuilting.com. Treat yourself to 20% off your entire order with coupon code MOTHER 2015.  Coupon valid now through May 11, 2015.

We have chosen some of our favorite fabrics to be on sale this week and your coupon code is valid on those fabrics as well! Talk about a double celebration!

This week we have some wonderful new batiks from Hoffman Fabrics in the shop. The Ethnic Medallion Tile batiks, by the yard, feature intricately detailed tile designs, approximately 8” square. These newly designed tiles are extremely popular and offer limitless possibilities. The medallion tiles can be used as focal points in quilts and wall hangings, as well as used for purse or tote sides or pockets, runners for your table or the end of your bed, or scarves for your neck or fireplace mantel. We also have some new batik lightly textured blenders, always a perfect complement to any project.  Here are just a few of the newest batiks in stock – click here to view them all.

batik collage


We have a free downloadable applique this week that’s all about mom. This applique has been reversed and is intended to be used as a fusible applique, but can also be used as a template for other crafts.  Click here for your free downloadable template.


June is customer appreciation month. All purchases of $75 or more through May 31st are eligible to receive the special customer coupon code for use in the month of June. It’s our way of saying thank you for your loyalty. There’s still time to shop! Shop Now

As always, we love the free patterns offered by our fabulous fabric manufacturers. We always look for new ones and have found some new ones that have been uploaded to the site this week. One trend we’ve seen is quick pillow projects. What a great way to freshen your home décor. Pillows also make a great quick gift. Be sure to check out our free downloadable instructions for two pillow construction techniques. We call one the envelope pillow and the other is a zippered pillow.

pillow collage

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Quilt Fabric Accessories Series Part 2

This is the second part in our series of Quilt Fabric Accessories, for use in your quilt fabric totes or purses. Last week, Part 1 of our series, we provided instructions for a fabric tissue holder. Click here if you missed that post.

This week, we have instructions for a Fabric Key Fob. The inspiration for this came from a recent gym membership that I signed up for. I needed a lock, key for the lock and my gym membership card. I wanted these things to be separate from my car and house key ring because I didn’t want the bulk while at the gym.

Being a quilter and lover of fabric, of course I use a fabric tote bag that I made to transport my stuff to the gym, like my towel, water bottle, yoga mat and anything else I might need. Naturally, I needed a matching key fob and so far have received several compliments!

Below are the step by step illustrated instructions. Please send a picture of your completed key fob and we will display it in our gallery. Keep everyone you know organized with a key fob!



Approximately 1” W x 5” L

Main Fabric – 3” x 11”
Trim/Ribbon – 11”

Press main fabric in half lengthwise. Place center of ribbon on pressed mark and stitch the ribbon in place lining up the center of the ribbon with the center of the main fabric.


For this example I stitched down the center of the ribbon. You can also stitch on either side of the ribbon about 1/8” from each edge.


With main fabric Right Sides Together lengthwise, stitch with 1/4″ seam down long side only. Turn, press.


Fold in half and line up all raw edges and stitch about 1” from raw edges. This will hold strap in place as you install fob hardware. Place raw edges in key fob hardware and fasten according to instructions that accompany hardware. Add split ring, securely attach keys and carry your keys in style!



Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Quilt Fabric Accessories Series Part 1

This blog post is Part 1 of our blog series of Quilt Fabric Accessories to go along with fabric totes or bags. As quilters, we strive to choose just the right fabric, cut it accurately and stitch consistently. With such perfectionism, it seems that we would desire coordinated accessories to go along with our fabric bag projects. The fabric for the accessories can be the same as fabric used in the main project or it can be coordinating, or it can be a combination of both.

All of the accessories that we mention through this series can be included with a quilt fabric tote or purse, or they can be stand alone quick gifts made from scraps.  All of these accessories are beginner friendly patterns.  All these patterns are available as a free download from LoveQuilting.com.

Part 1 Quilt Fabric Accessory is a Tissue Holder. This is an important accessory because EVERYONE needs a tissue at some point in time and it sure looks stylish to pull a tissue from your purse or bag in a perfectly coordinated fabric tissue holder!

Small Tissue Holder by LoveQuilting.com

Finished size 3” W x 5” L

Fabric requirements:  Scraps


Back – 3-3/4” x 5-1/2”

Top – 2 pieces 3-1/2” x 5-1/2”

Trim – 2 pieces 4″ x 5-1/2”


Top and trim pieces – fold in half lengthwise Wrong Sides Together and press.


Align raw edges of a top piece and a trim piece, then stitch 1/4″ seam at the FOLDED edge. Repeat for other top and trim piece.


Place these top/trim pieces Right Sides Together over the back piece and stitch 1/4″ seam on all 4 sides. Trim corners. Turn.


Fill with tissues!

Make one for your purse, your car and for a friend!  Also makes a great stocking stuffer.

Click here for the free downloadable, printable instruction sheet for this Small Tissue Holder.

Try one today and please send a picture to be included in our Gallery section.

Do you love the fabrics shown?  You can find them here.  We used those fabrics to make our Tulika Tote – another free download.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Do You Have A Favorite Color For Your Quilt Fabric?

Color plays a vital role in quilting, so this week, at LoveQuilting.com we conducted an informal survey to determine favorite color for quilt fabric.  Our survey extended beyond the primary colors and we even allowed the neutrals to be considered.  We did our best to keep our surveyee’s opinion focused on “quilt fabric” and not their favorite color for clothing or flowers or anything else with color options.  The results are in – are you ready to view them?

Blue                   23%                  Pink              4%

Green                21%                  Purple          3%

Red                   19%                  Orange         2%

Yellow               15%                  Black, White, Tan, Gray, Brown and Teal each received 1%

Our results show all colors were represented.  Since we strive to keep everyone happy and satisfied, we have randomly chosen fabrics to put in our sale category this week.  We have made sure to include all colors.  Click here to find your favorites.

Quilt Fabric Color


If you read our blog, then you have seen the Fabric Grocery Tote free tutorial that we published earlier this week, as a tribute to Earth Day 2015.  Click here to read our blog, or click here to download full color illustrated pdf instructions for the Fabric Grocery Tote.



We would like to offer congratulations to Karen and Trellis who were both winners of a Future All Star panel and coordinating fat quarter set.

All Star Set

We will be sure to post pictures of their finished projects in the Gallery.


I have never been known to have a green thumb, unlike others in my family.  The only thing that blooms in my yard is the hardy type of plants that are drought resistant.  I do love tulips, even though I’ve never had any luck growing them.  The only tulips I can create are applique tulips, which are available in every possible color!  I would like to share one of my favorite applique tulips with you as a free download this week.  This template is easy to use with the fusible applique technique.  Click here to download the free tulip flower, stem and leaves applique.  What color will your tulip be?!

Tulip jpg


Use coupon code TULIP and receive $5 off your purchase of $50 or more.  Coupon valid through April 28th, 2015.

Tulips Puppy Opt

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Nautical Fabric Grocery Tote


13”W x 14”H x 7”D


WOF = Width of Fabric


Main Fabric:

  • 18”H x 17”W – 2 EA
  • 3” x 16” – 2 EA

Lining Fabric:

  • 18”H x 17”W – 2 EA
  • 2” x 16” – 2 EA
  • 7” x 17” – 2 Ea

Fusible Stabilizer:

  • 3” x 16” – 2 EA
  • 2” x 16” – 2 EA



Mark 6-1/2” up from bottom on both pieces of Main Fabric. Place one raw edge of a 7” x 17” piece of lining fabric right side down on the drawn line. Stitch in place 1/4″ from the raw edge. Press towards the bottom of the bag and top stitch 2 lines of stitching. Repeat for other piece of main fabric.



Fuse stabilizer to all 4 handle pieces (3” x 16” and 2” x 16”). The following steps will be performed on all 4 handle pieces, one piece at a time. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Open, then press each raw edge to pressed center line.

Once all 4 handle pieces are prepared, place wider handle piece with folded edges facing up and thinner handle piece with folded edges facing down, matching up the centers. Clip in place and stitch 1/4” from each folded edge of the thinner handle piece. Trim the handle pieces to the same length.




Find the center of the front main body piece by folding in half and finger pressing. Measure 2” from the center and place one handle end with the handle thinner accent piece facing the bag, lining up the raw edge of the handle with the raw edge of the bag top, clip in place. Place the other end of the handle 2” in the other direction from the center and clip in place. There should be 4” between the 2 ends of the handle.


Stitch in place with 1/4″ seam twice. Repeat for back of main body and second handle.



Place the main body front and back right sides together and stitch 1/4″ on each side and across the bottom.

Place the 2 lining pieces right sides together and stitch 1/4″ on each side and across the bottom, leaving a 3” opening at the center of the bottom for turning.



Mark a 3” square on the bottom corner of the main body of the bag and the bag lining. Cut on the lines. Open the corner up and line up raw edges and sew with 1/4”.




Leave the main body wrong side out, turn the lining right side out and place inside the main body lining up side seams. Clip in place and stitch 1/4″ around the entire bag. Pull the lining out and reach through the opening at the lining bottom and pull the main body through. Straighten, whip stitch or zig zag the opening closed, push lining inside bag and press. Top stitch around top and enjoy your bag!


Here is a Lavendar Market tote using the instructions above.


For the downloadable pdf version of these instructions, click here.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Eventually, we all end up with some scraps of fabric – some larger and some smaller. At what point do you take a scrap and put it back in your stash as a useable piece of fabric for a future project?


Some quilters take their leftovers and cut them into pre-determined sizes, such as common size strips or squares, for easy use in scrappy projects. Some quilters I know, that do a lot of applique, keep every piece of fabric no matter how small, to use at a future time.

I use discretion with the leftover fabrics I put back in my stash. The fabric that doesn’t go back in my stash, gets put into a pile of small pieces of fabric that I keep handy near my sewing machine.  I find it very handy to have scraps at my fingertips and I use them quite often.


  1. A small scrap of fabric can be used as a “starter” which helps avoid the edges of your seam from being pushed into the needle hole plate.
  2. If your stitch quality seems a bit off, grab a small scrap of fabric and test your sewing machine tension settings. Stitch out a few stitches and adjust as necessary until the stitch quality meets your satisfaction.
  3. How about all those wonderful decorative stitches that come on our machines? If you are confused about which one to use, grab a fabric scrap and stitch a few until you find just the right stitch for your project. By stitching out a few samples, you may be surprised at how fun some of the built in stitches can be!
  4. Don’t fear the buttonhole! Use a handy scrap of fabric to make a sample buttonhole before making the real thing. Make any adjustments necessary, test again, then go for the real thing!
  5. Practice your free motion quilting. This would use 2 scraps of fabric and a scrap of batting. Try a stipple or some leaves or any other free motion design.

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Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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