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Summer Fabric Sale


The second half of July and the month of August, define summer.  Long hours of day light, warm temperatures and school break, provide an opportunity for many families to enjoy a vacation.  Whether your vacation is an extended holiday, a weekend get away, or a one day activity, it’s a great idea to capture these memorable moments.  Summer fabric is cotton print fabric that portrays images of summer activities, from beaching to beautiful blooms.


Photos are a wonderful way to capture memories.  Organized in a scrap book to be looked at and passed on to future generations is one way to re-live the memorable experiences.

Photos can also be printed onto printer fabric and incorporated into a quilt project  This is another wonderful way to enjoy your memories for years to come.  Printed photos can be incorporated into blocks surrounded by fabrics that enhance the memory.  Perhaps the blue of the water color, flowers that grew alongside the road traveled or surfboards to capture a new experience.


Digital Garden


A big block quilt is perfect for creating a vacation memory quilt such as Stargazing.  This FREE pattern is perfect as a collage of vacation memories.  Use a light colored background and add captions with a fabric pen.


Modern Living, another FREE pattern from Benartex is beginner friendly and offers the perfect layout for several photos highlighted with your favorite fabrics!

Modern Living

Nature’s Windows is a customer favorite that looks complex with the illusion of looking through windows.  Download this FREE pattern by Benartex and learn the simple secret of creating depth by placement of light and dark fabrics and use your fabric photos as the images in the windows.


Document your travels with this FREE download by Benartex, Carry On.

CarryOn_RoundTrip cover

SUMMER FABRIC is our selection of fabrics that can be used to help enhance your captured memories.

Sailing or surfing, Off Shore by Riley Blake is a collection of vintage beach inspired graphics.


Traveling to a far away destination?  Use the world map of the Our World collection by Riley Blake to identify your stops and learn to say “hello” in every language.

world main white     world hello white     world flag white

Did you take a trip to the mountains?  How many trees can you identify?  These birch trees in batik or screen print, both from Hoffman Fabrics are perfect additions to mountain landscape quilts.

Birch Trees Redwood     Birch Trees Aspen

still pewter silver

Flowers thrive in the warm summer sunshine as so do our floral fabrics.  Digital and screen print florals are abundant in our What’s on Sale?! category.

orchid coll


Click here to view all our sale fabrics.

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Quilt Fabric Poke Ball Love

Are you or someone you know playing Pokemon Go?  Personally, I’m not much of a video game participator, but I did want to understand what all the excitement was about when images of game players were appearing on the news every day.  Luckily I have 2 teenagers in the house who helped explain some things to me.  So, I downloaded the game and gave it a try.  I quickly learned that I ran out of the all important poke balls very quickly.  That required me to go to poke stops and pick up whatever limited supply of poke balls that stop was willing to give up.


This blog post is for one 12-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ poke ball block so that you or your favorite Pokemon Go players won’t ever run out of poke balls.  One would make a perfect pillow, but feel free to increase the fabric requirements accordingly for additional poke ball blocks.

Fabric Requirements:

Indah Hand Dye Solid Deep Red Fabric 9” square – 1 EA

Stof Basic Solid Natural White Fabric 9” square – 1 EA; 3” square – 1 EA

Indah Hand Dye Solid Jet Black Fabric 5” square – 1 EA, 3” square – 1 EA

Indah Hand Dye Solid Aruba Blue Fabric 12-1/2” square – 1 EA

Lite Steam A Seam II – 1/3 yard x 24” wide – Subcut 9” squares – 2 EA, 5” square – 1 EA and 3” square – 2 EA


For our poke ball, we used several items to trace circles.  Household items such as plates and glasses can be very effective, as well as an Olfa circle cutter.  The sizes we used were 8”, 4” and 2”.


Fuse the Lite Steam A Seam II 9” squares to the red fabric square and the white fabric square.  Fuse the 5” square to the black 5” square fabric and the 3” to the white 3” square of fabric.  Fuse the remaining 3” fusible to the 3” black square.

Trace an 8” circle on the paper of the fusible of the red fabric.  Cut on your drawn line.  Repeat for the white fabric.

Trace a 2” circle on the smaller piece of white fabric and cut on drawn line.

On the 5” black fabric, trace a 4” circle, then trace a 2” circle centered within the 4” circle.  Cut on the outer line, then cut on the inner circle line creating a black ring.


Find the center of the blue square by folding in half in both directions and pressing.


Fold the 8” red circle in half and make a crease, then cut this circle in half on the crease line.  Do the same with the 8” white circle.

poke4     poke5

At the straight edge of the red half circle, find the center and mark it.  Line the straight edge on the horizontal center line of the blue square, matching up the vertical center lines.

Do the same for the white half circle, placing the straight edge of the white circle opposite the red half circle on the horizontal center line.

Place the black ring on the center of your red and white circle.  Place the small white circle in the center of the black ring.


Place your black strips centered where the red and white half circles meet, on either side of the black ring.

Once everything is in place to your liking, fuse following the fusing instructions.

Using your preferred stitch, stitch around the exposed raw edges.  We used a blanket stitch in a matching color thread to the fabric we were stitching.


Make an unlimited supply of poke balls by making as many blocks as you desire!

Here’s one we’ll definitely be sending to our favorite charity, Bayonne Medical Center, for the sick kids.

Pokeball Love

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Cool Neck Tie Made from Quilt Fabric

This tutorial was originally published a year ago.  The response at that time was overwhelming!  Our reader audience has increased tremendously in the past 12 months, so we thought this was a perfect time to re-inspire our long time followers and introduce our new followers to this popular project.

Summer is here in full swing.  Temperatures and outdoor activities are on the rise.  Do you love outdoor activities? A visit to the county fair, baseball games, soccer games, gardening, or exercising? Sweltering temperatures are in the forecast, are you ready? A very simple cool tie made with cotton quilt fabric and Watersorb Crystals, is what you need to be able to enjoy all that summer has to offer!


These cool ties rest on the neck and help bring down body temperature, with the magical cooling powers of Watersorb Crystals. The crystals absorb water and expand in size offering additional surface area. Using cotton quilt fabric for your neck tie, the fabric draws the moisture from the crystals creating evaporative cooling when placed on your heated skin.


Below is a free tutorial to make your own Cool Yourself Down Tie, or you can click here for a downloadable printable version.  Watersorb Crystals are available by clicking here.  Each package of Watersorb Crystals, priced at the very low price of $2.50 per package, contain enough crystals for THREE Cool Yourself Down Ties.  Consider making one for an elderly family member, neighbor or friend, who often get over heated by extreme temperatures.


Finished size Approximately 3” x 40”

100% Cotton Fabric – 6” x Width of Fabric

4 Teaspoons of Watersorb Crystals

Fold fabric in half lengthwise Right Sides Together and press. Using the 45 degree line on your ruler, mark and cut both edges.

tie1 Folded edge is to the right in this photo and raw edges are to the left.

Sew raw edges together all the way around, leaving a 2” opening in center of long side.

Trim corners and turn tie so right side is facing out. Press. Fold in half lengthwise and mark this half way mark. Measure 6” from the center on each side and mark again. Measure 6” from that point on each side and mark again. These will be your stitching guides as you fill the tie with Watersorb crystals.


Stitch at the mark on either end. Place a teaspoon of Watersorb crystals in through the opening and shake down towards one end. Once all the crystals are at or near the stitching line, stitch the next mark to secure the crystals in that pocket. Repeat filling the crystals on the other end. Always work away from the center to avoid closing the opening until all pockets are filled. You should have 4 pockets with Watersorb crystals and the 2 ends will have no crystals.

Don’t be fooled by how empty each pocket seems, these crystals will absorb enough water to expand seven times their size!

Top stitch 1/4″ all sides making sure the opening is closed. Adjust the crystals as you go trying to avoid the crystals at the needle location.

Soak your tie in a bowl of water for 20 to 30 minutes and be amazed as you watch the magic happen before your eyes!



Place around neck and feel the cooling effects. Re-hydrate as necessary by soaking in water for approximately 5 minutes. To store, let dry completely, crystals will return to original size and will be ready for re-hydration.

Do what you Love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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Summer Cool Down with Quilt Fabric

This Sunday, July 17th is National Ice Cream Day!  Ice cream is the coolest dessert in history!  Click Here for some really fun facts about ice cream that you can use to amaze your family and friends!

Impress your family and friends further by creating ice cream inspired quilt projects in your favorite flavors with no calories!

One scoop or two?  Quick, before it melts, get this FREE download for a small wall hanging or table decor featuring delicious appliqued ice cream cones, in your favorite flavors, I mean favorite fabrics!

Scoop it Up Cover

Summer fun with ice cream cones and pinwheels make up this FREE download by Robert Kaufman, Ice Cream Social.  Give curved piecing a try with this yummy project.

Ice-Cream-Social Cover

Single Scoop is an easy pattern offered by McCalls Quilting for Project Linus.  This paper pieced ice cream quilt would really cheer up a sick child.

Single Scoop Cover

Make mine a triple!  This LoveQuilting.com exclusive fusible applique template is a FREE download available here.  Why settle for one scoop when you can have three with no extra calories?!

triple scoop


And just in time to provide relief from the sweltering temperatures of the summer.  Watersorb Crystals that absorb and retain water, when used in a neck wrap, help keep the body several degrees cooler.  FREE instructions to make your own Cool Yourself Down Tie by clicking here.  Each package of Watersorb Crystals includes enough to make 3 ties.

cool tie


Keeping with this week’s theme of keeping cool from the summer heat, we have the a palette of “cool colors” on sale this week.  Blues, greens and purples which are typically associated with water, sky and ice, are called the cool colors.

blue and white

green collage 1


KNOW WHAT ELSE IS COOL?  Orders over $75 are shipped FREE!

Need a “cool” project idea?  Try Deep Sea Maze made with blues and greens.  This beginner friendly 65″ x 72″ quilt pattern from Benartex features squares and rectangles.  Download your FREE copy today!  Step outside the box and try adding some applique fish to your deep sea maze!

deepseamaze cover

How about a summer tote?  The Seashore Tote pattern includes full size templates of all designs shown.  You pick your favorite and customize your own tote.  Pick a different design for each side!

Seashore Tote

Do what you Love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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Team USA Fabric Quilt

The summer olympics in Rio is less than a month away.  Show your support for Team USA with this wonderful banner!  This project is quick and will expose you to the world of free form cutting and curved piecing.


All Seams are 1/4″

WOF = Width of Fabric


5 strips Bliss Blenders Red 3-1/2” x WOF

4 strips Stof Stars and Bursts White 3-1/2” x WOF

1 strip Bliss Blenders Blue 3-1/2” x WOF

Black scraps


Cut a 9” piece off 2 of the red strips.  Cut 2-9” pieces from the blue strip.  Sew one 9” piece of blue to the cut end of a red strip, repeat for the other 9” piece of blue and the other cut red strip.

Place a blue/red strip right side up on a cutting surface.  Place the white strip right side up so that the white strip is about half covering the blue/red strip, lengthwise.  Using your rotary cutter, free hand cut a gentle curve the length of the strips making sure to cut through both strips.  Gentle remove the top of the white strip to get it out of the way.  Using a chalk wheel/pencil or other marking instrument, make hash marks every couple of inches from the blue/red strip to the white strip to keep it lined up when sewing together.


Pin the strips right sides together using the hash marks as guides.  Be very careful not to stretch the strips.  I use lots of pins for this process.  Sew this seam and press carefully, again taking care not to stretch.


Lay your newly created strata on your cutting surface and place the remaining blue/red strip over the white strip of the strata so that it is about half covering the white strip, lengthwise.  Repeat the same process as above making a freehand gentle curving cut.  Mark, sew and press as above.


Repeat this process alternating white and red strips, beginning with a white strip at this point, until all strips have been incorporated.

Since the curved cuts you make will be different than mine, you will need to square this up to your desired look and dimensions.  Mine squared up to about 16” x 28”.


Applique USA on your banner using double sided fusible. The letters below should be printed to fill an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Letters have already been reversed – trace the letters on one side of your fusible  (we like Lite Steam A Seam II).  Fuse to the wrong side of your black fabric.  Cut out and remove remaining paper from letters.  Place according to your desired location, fuse into place, then stitch using straight, zig zag, blanket, satin or any other desired stitch.  Quilt, bind, hang and enjoy!






Our quilting stitches consist of an outline of the letters U, S and A, and some wavy lines.  It’s simple, but effective!


Do what you Love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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Fabric Hair Scrunchie

Are hair scrunchies “in” or “out” this year?  Hard to keep up with trends as they come and go.  But one thing is for certain, pulling your hair off your neck into a pony tail can really help you feel cooler when the temperatures heat up, and this weekend, our temperatures have definitely heated up!

Some store bought hair elastics can pull and break your hair, so why not consider making a quilt fabric hair scrunchie?!  With a fabric scrunchie, the possibilities are endless!  Make a scrunchie to match every outfit, mood, hobby or season.  Show team or school spirit with a scrunchie in your team or school colors.

This project is stash or scrap friendly and goes together quickly and easily!


Hair Scrunchie Directions

Our hair scrunchie is approximately 5” diameter, which holds a medium thick pony tail when put on double.  Of course, you can make adjustments to the dimensions below to accommodate a thicker or thinner pony tail.


Main Fabric Purple Prismaglass – 4” x 16” – 1 EA

1/2″ Elastic – 7”



Fold the fabric with right sides together along the long edge and press.

Make a mark 2” from each end.   Sew between the 2 marks with 1/4” seam.  Backstitch a few stitches at each mark.


Turn the tube right side out and press, making sure to press the seam allowance on the ends.


Open the ends completely and with right sides together, stitch 1/4″ to turn the tube into a full circle.


Now you will have a tube with an opening as sown below.


Top stitch 1/8″ around the circle at the edge without the opening.  We’ll be doing the same thing on the other side after adding elastic and this gives it a balanced look.  It’s easier to do this before the elastic is added.

Using a safety pin, feed the elastic through the circle.  Clip the end of the elastic to keep it from going back in to the fabric tube.


Sew the ends of the elastic together with 1/4″ seam.


Top stitch the side with the opening close enough to the edge being sure to capture the open end.  This part gets a little tricky, you will have to stretch the scrunchie as you sew around it, just go slowly and you will have great results.



When you’re done with the scrunchie in your hair, take it off and slide it onto your wrist to continue your fashion statement!


Do what you Love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Red, White and Blue Quilt Fabric Sale

It is officially summer and just one week until our nation’s birthday, July 4th!  Arouse your patriotic inspiration with all our wonderful reds, whites and blues on sale this week!  Click here to check out all the sale fabrics in our What’s on Sale?! category.

Try this FREE downloadable pattern by Windham Fabrics, Old Glory.  This 52″ x 70″ quilt is beginner friendly with strips and squares.  Perfect for sitting on while watching your Independence Day fireworks!

Old Glory Cover

Try our Windham Fabrics Spin collection to make your Old Glory.  These tonal swirls in rich hues will add depth and movement to your Old Glory.

Spin Red


Spin Blue

Need some tonal whites?  We’ve got geometric shapes, florals, leopard skin and much more!


Our Windham Fabrics Basics Stars collection is another great choice.

stars coll

Don’t want to make a full size quilt?  How about a table runner, perfect for those summer family get togethers and BBQs.


Instructions for this LoveQuilting.com exclusive, Wavy Stars, can be found right here.

Fireworks Table Runner, FREE download from Studio E.  Flying Geese units create the stars and we just love the patriotic ribbon border created by half square and quarter square units.

Fireworks Runner Cover

No party is complete without some Party Poppers! This FREE downloadable pattern by Benartex is sure to bring some pop into your sewing room as well as your 4th of July celebration.



Just in – Celebrate by Kanvas for Benartex.  This collection features balloons, streamers and stars and dots in black, gray and highlighted with metallic gold.  These fabrics are over the top for your over the hill celebration!


Click here for our blog and read all about the chair back cover we made with this fabric, including a quick tutorial on prairie points used to decorate the top of our chair back cover.  This chair back cover can be placed over the back of the chair for the guest of honor for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any reason for a celebration!


Also, just in, the remainder of the coordinating fabrics to Dear Doggie Delight collection by Loralie Designs.  We love this panel, but the coordinates are equally adorable.  They are ready to be shipped for your Dear Doggie projects!


Heading to the beach for some summer fun in the sun?  Check out our Lazy Beach Fabric by Loralie Designs.

tossed lazys white


seahorses turquoise

FREE shipping with orders over $75.

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Celebration Chair Back Cover made from Quilt Fabric

When we received our Celebrate fabric collection by Kanvas for Benartex, we couldn’t wait to make something special with it!  This collection in white, black and metallic gold is fun with elegance.


With lots of birthdays over the next couple of months and other celebrations such as graduations, it seems as though we’re busy with “special” days in my family.

What could I make quickly with this wonderful fabric?  How about a chair back cover to be put over the back of the dining room chair for the guest of honor on their special day?!

We started out by making a short version with muslin, to get the dimensions correct, and here is what we figured out.

These are basic instructions since every chair is slightly different in size and shape, please use your own chair’s dimensions.  All seams are 1/4″.

Measure your chair back at it’s widest point and add 2″ to that dimension.  This extra 2″ will allow for seam allowances as well as the thickness of the chair back.  Our chair’s widest point was at the top, so that’s where we took our measurement.

Next, measure the desired length for your chair back cover.  Some of our chairs have arms and some do not.  We decided to pick a length that would accommodate either chair.  Add 2″ to this dimension to include seam allowances and hemming at the bottom.  Our chair top curves slightly, so we will add a slight curve to the top of our cover.  To achieve this, we used 2 sheets of paper taped together and laid the chair back on the paper.  We roughly traced the curve of my chair onto the paper, then placed this on the fabric and followed the line with the rotary cutter.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, just roughly follow the shape.



I wanted to add something to mine, but I didn’t want to cover the fun Celebrate Balloons fabric with appliqued letters.  Instead, I used the Celebrate Streamers fabric to make prairie points to place in the top seam line.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make prairie points:

Take a 4″ square of fabric and fold in half, press.  With the fold at the top, away from you, grab the top right corner and fold it down so the bottom edges are even, press.  Repeat for the top left corner.  Prairie points can be spaced as close or as far apart as you desire.  Make as many prairie points to achieve your desired look.

celebrate2     celebrate3

celebrate4     celebrate5

Back to the Chair Cover

Place the prairie points on the top edge of one of your pieces of fabric.  I like to use a basting stitch to hold them in place so there will be no shifting due to pins and any movement is much easier to correct with basting stitches.


Once you are satisfied with the placement of your prairie points, pin or clip right sides together and stitch along both sides and the top with a 1/4″ seam.  Since the chair cover will be placed and removed continually, I like to sew a zig zag stitch over my seam allowance to keep raveling and loose threads to a minimum.

At your iron, turn the bottom edge 1/4″ and press, then turn 1/2″ and press.  Sew around the bottom edge 1/4″ from the edge, then add a second row of stitching 1/8″ from the first row of stitching.

Turn your chair cover and press well.  Slip over the back of the chair for the guest of honor and enjoy!


Do what you Love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA



Remembering My Dad

Father’s Day was celebrated this past weekend and for those of us who no longer have our fathers with us, they will forever be in our hearts.  I miss my dad.  Last weekend, I had so many happy thoughts of him.  He definitely helped mold me into the person I am today.


I remember that my dad always worked hard, sometimes holding down 2 jobs.  He did have a hobby that he enjoyed from the time he was a teenager and then well into his later years and that was playing golf.  He taught my mom how to play so they could enjoy the game together.  One of the most exciting moments in his life was when he got a hole in one!

dad hole in one 2

One day, about 7 years ago, out of the clear blue, he said to me that he would like for me to make him a quilt.  He wanted this quilt to feature him setting up to putt the ball into the hole.

It took a little time to put my thoughts together on this, but once I envisioned my plan, it all came together.  I focused my efforts on my landscape quilt techniques, since a golf course offers wonderful scenery.

Even though there many options for landscape fabrics, I never limit myself to using just landscape fabrics in my landscape art quilts.  I take liberties with tonal blenders that add texture and I make sure to have variations in shades to create distance effects.

The background, made up of the sun and mountains against the sky was achieved with several layers of fabrics that I used a folded edge landscape technique.  You can read about this easy landscape technique here on the blog for our Tulip Table Runner.


I added some angelina fibers to plain yellow fabric to create a sparkling sun.  The quilt stitches in the sun are an array.  Surrounding the sun are the mountain layers and randomly placed within these layers are some hand dyed fibers to give the background more texture and interest.  These represent trees in the mountains.

The center of the quilt is the fairway, made up of grass fabric, with the green in the center.  Since the grass on a golf course green is cut tighter, I used a slightly textured green fabric.  My dad always had challenges when there was water around, so just for fun, I added a water look fabric on either side of the green.  Both the green and the water are applied with fusible applique technique.


Next is my wonderful dad getting lined up to make his putt.  I printed this picture of him on printable fabric, then fused it to Lite Steam A Seam II fusible web for fusible applique.  The flag pole and flag are also applied with fusible applique.  I stitched the number 16 on the flag, which was the hole number he got his hole in one.  The golf ball was a button that I was lucky enough to find.


To add some interest to the quilt, I put a golf club on either side border.  The golf clubs were made with corduroy to simulate the texture on a golf club head.  The grips were made with a faux suede/leather fabric, again to simulate the grips on a golf club.



My dad ♥ LOVED ♥ this quilt which was hung proudly for him to enjoy!  Now I have the quilt displayed and I smile every time I walk past it!


Do what you Love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA


Re-Stocked Quilt Fabric

Have you ever found a great quilt fabric, that you didn’t buy right then and there?  Then when you finally realized you couldn’t live without it, it was gone?  In fact, the quilt fabric manufacturer’s are so busy constantly printing new fabric lines, most fabrics are only printed once and then discontinued.  There are some exceptions to that, of course, such as solids, dots, stripes and some other basics.  The basics get are always available.

solids coll

Well, the good news is that your voice does count!  Lately we have seen re-prints of some of the most popular fabrics.  If there are re-prints available of customer favorites, then we have re-stocked them.

Seaglass by Elizabeth’s Studios, which depicts the journey a small piece of broken glass has taken through the sand and sea, has been extremely popular.  It’s back on our shelves NOW!

Sea Glass

Woodsy Winter by Hoffman Fabrics is back by popular demand.  This fabric with it’s snowy feel, highlighted in silver metallic is available against a mottled silver, parchment, scarlet or black background.  Perfect for holiday projects, winter projects or any other projects that need more than just a solid.  In stock and ready to be shipped!

Woodsy Winter Set

Skylines by Hoffman Fabrics, the amazing digital print of your favorite city skyline, including the coordinates, is back in stock, for a limited time.  Limited because it sells as quickly as it’s received.  We have a current limited supply of the main print, but more is on the way this month.  Email me and I will hold it for you so you won’t miss out!


Dog Happy by Loralie Designs, with coordinating Dinky Dots, what’s not to love?!

Dog Set


Watercolor Palette by Hoffman Fabrics, is coming soon.  You can own ALL the Hoffman Fabrics Watercolor Batiks is one piece of fabric!  We love this digital print and so do our customers!



This week’s sale category has random picks of fabric collections that we know our customers love.  Get them while they last, because they could be gone sooner than you think!  Click here to start shopping!

Do what you Love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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