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October Quilt Fabric Sales Events

Happy October! There is so much going on this month and we have some great fabric sale events as well as project ideas. October is a transitional month, as the temperatures begin to cool, the days are shorter, the leaves are changing color, and summer décor is put away to make room for Halloween décor. October is also significant for use of pumpkin in cooking, breast cancer awareness, adopt a shelter dog month and several birthdays, including my own!

At LoveQuilting.com, we support breast cancer awareness month and encourage all women to have regular exams, as well as spread the word to others. This month, we have our pink fabric on sale and offer several FREE breast cancer inspired patterns. Statistics show that 1 out of 8 women will get breast cancer. Unfortunately, many of us know of at least one woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We encourage you to make a quilted pink project to offer comfort and provide awareness for someone battling this disease.


Here are a few of our breast cancer awareness FREE downloadable projectsClick here to see even more.


Below is a quilt we made for a good friend of LoveQuilting.com using pink, beige and green batiks and the Quick Curve Ruler.  Read about it here in our Gallery.


For our furry friends, this month has been designated as Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Shelters nationwide are crowded and lack funds to help these unwanted pups. If you are ready to open your heart, your new best friend is waiting for you at your local shelter. Please consider rescuing a shelter dog and experience their unconditional love. Our Loralie Dog Happy collection is on sale this month in support of Adopt A Shelter Dog month.

Dog Set

October is birthday month in my family, including my own. It’s become a month long celebration, which includes lots of chocolate cake! I’ve chosen some of my favorite fabrics to put on sale this week. I hope you enjoy them too!

purple     Hidden Cove Collage

Lighthouse FQ     Manhattan Modern (1)

Click here to view all the wonderful fabrics on sale this week!

Baseball season is coming down to 10 teams with the best records, heading to the playoffs for a chance to become the World Series Champion. We have an exclusive kit featuring our Future All Stars collection by Elizabeth’s Studios. This endearing quilt with a center panel is quick to put together and rated easy for beginners.

Panel 1

Are you ready with your Halloween decor?  We have a FREE download for a haunted house that features dimensional folded fabric.  Click here to download your copy today.  Click here to view our sample currently showcased in our Gallery section.

hauntedhouse     Haunted House

DO YOU WANT TO SAVE EVEN MORE ON YOUR PURCHASES? Who wouldn’t? Use coupon code PUMPKIN and save 10% off your entire purchase. Coupon code is valid through October 31st, 2015. Start Shopping Now!

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

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All Star Quilt Fabric Panel Project

Have you noticed that there are so many choices of panels available in quilt shops? They range from vintage to whimsical, and from nursery rhymes to scenic landscapes, as well as many others.
Typically the panels have coordinates designed to compliment the panel.


I know I often have a hard time figuring out what to do with a panel. Sometimes a panel has different sized images so that if you cut it apart, it becomes difficult to have a common dimension when assembling your project. I also find that a panel is mostly providing a picture and sometimes, I like it just the way it is and I don’t want to cut it apart.

Do you have a future or current All Star?  Do you know a baseball fan?  This project is perfect for you and your loved ones!

Kid Baseball Opt

This project was designed to be used with Elizabeth’s Studios Future All Stars Panel which features vintage kids who love the game of baseball. The technique described below can be applied to many other panels by adjusting the dimensions if necessary. If you are adjusting the dimensions, we recommend measuring your project at each step before cutting fabrics.

All Star Set

Future All Star Panel Love

Finished Size: 50” x 40”

Fabric Requirements:

Fabric 1: 1 Panel

Fabric 2: Navy with White Polka Dots – 4” x WOF

Fabric 3: Panel Coordinate (Baseball Cards) – 10” x WOF

Fabric 4: Red with White Polka Dots – 8” x WOF

Fabric 5: Panel Coordinate (Flags/Baseball Mitts) – 2/3 Yard

Binding:   Panel Coordinate (Baseballs) – 1/2 Yard

WOF = Width of Fabric

All Seams are 1/4″ Unless indicated otherwise

Subcut as follows:

Fabric 1 – Trim panel to 40-1/2” wide x 22-1/2” long

Fabric 2 – 2 Strips 1-1/2” x 40-1/2”

Fabric 3 – 2 Strips 4-1/2” x 40-1/2”

Fabric 4 – 2 Strips 1-1/2” x 32-1/2”; 2 Strips 1-1/2” x 42-1/2”

Fabric 5 – 2 Strips 4-1/2” x 34-1/2”; 2 Strips 4-1/2” x 50-1/2” (these last 2 strips will need to be pieced)

Binding – 5 Strips 2-1/2” x WOF

Starting with the panel, trim to 40-1/2” W x 22-1/2” L. Add a 1-1/2” x 40-1/2” strip of navy with white polka dots to the top and bottom. Add a 4-1/2” x 40-1/2” strip top and bottom of one of the panel coordinates.

Panel 1

Next, frame the project with a 1-1/2” x 32-1/2” strip of red with white polka dots to each side. Then add a 1-1/2” x 42-1/2” strip of red with white polka dots to top and bottom.

Panel 2     Panel 3

Add a 4-1/2” border from Future All Stars coordinate #2, on all sides, which should break down like this: 4-1/2” x 34-1/2” for the sides and 4-1/2” x 50-1/2” for the top and bottom. Final dimensions should be 50-1/2” W x 40-1/2” L.

Panel 4     Panel 5

Quilt as desired, bind and enjoy!

Panel 1

If you would like a kit to make your own Future All Stars Panel Project, click here. 

Love this fabric?  Check out the collection here.   Do you panels?  We have one for everyone, click here to see them all.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Pixelated Fabric Quilts

The term “pixelated” refers to a digital image which is divided into individual pixels. So what is a pixel? It is the smallest addressable picture element in an image.

We are most familiar with pixelated images which create a picture with squares. We see these in video games and we also see them in quilts.  My interest in the pixelated concept began with my son playing endless hours of Minecraft on the xbox. This video game features pixelated graphics. I created a pixelated quilt depicting Minecraft, as pictured below. This quilt was made with squares sewn together as described later in this post.


In our wonderful world of quilting, we use our fabric to create pixelated images into actual pictures, such as the scene from Minecraft above and the heart below.  The pixelated technique can be used to not only create a picture with the placement of fabrics, but also it can become a mosaic background for appliques. With the use of blues, greens and purples, you can have an underwater scene. With placement of blues, browns and greens, you can create a backdrop for a garden scene.  For a more detailed complex project, the pixelated technique can be used to depict faces.

This example below shows the outline of the squares used to create a heart image.


If you wish to create a picture with your pixelated quilt, it would be helpful to use graph paper, coloring in the squares on the paper to represent your picture. This will help guide the placement of the fabrics. The more detail you desire for your hidden image, the smaller you want your pixel or square of fabric to be.  Click here for a free downloadable printable graph paper.  You can decide what scale your graph paper represents for your fabric squares.  Usually a finished square size of 1″ or 2″ would be best.

Graph paper

Think of the colored squares on your graph paper as your road map for fabric placement.

Like all things quilting, there is always more than one way to achieve a desired finished product.  One way to use your fabric squares for a pixelated quilt, is to sew the squares together in rows, then the rows are sewn together.

Another method is with the use of fusible grid. Fusible grid is available in 1” or 2” grid sizes. The grid is printed on the fusible stabilizer. You place your fabrics in the grid and fuse into place with your iron. Next step is to fold the fusible grid with fabric in place on the dotted line and stitch the rows. After all rows are sewn in one direction, then you fold on the lines perpendicular and sew those columns.

Why not try your own pixelated quilt?! Below are a few examples of several simple pixelated quilts we created using EQ7. Feel free to use these ideas to inspire your own pixelated creation.   As always, please send a picture of your project and we will showcase it in our Gallery.



Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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We have some fabulous new fabric collections in the shop this week with free downloadable projects to go along with them.  But before we start telling you about them, we wanted to mention the REALLY AWESOME fabric sale going on this week.

Everyone loves a solid or blender fabric that reads as a solid, and we all know they certainly can help pull a project together.  We have ALL our blender/solid fabrics on sale this week for as much as 20% off!  Traditional and modern quilters alike are going to LOVE this sale.  Once you get the fabrics you need for your current projects, check out our great prices and stock up on fabric backings.


How do we know you’re going to need backings?  Well, because we know you are not going to be able to resist these great new fabrics in the shop!  Art Class by Benartex features bright vividly colored artist essentials.  These fabrics would make a great child’s purse, smock or apron, placemat, quilt or teacher’s gift.  Looking for a free download that’s perfect for this large scale bright print?  How about Lovey Buggy or Moving and Shaking?  These are easy, beginner friending patterns that would be perfect with the Art Class collection plus some of our brightly colored solids (click here for those)!

art class

Lovey Buggy

Moving and Shaking

We are sew jazzy with this new collection called That’s Jazz by Benartex.  Take a trip down Bourbon Street with these cool prints and be sure to check out the FREE downloadable pattern, Hip to the Jive.

thats jazz

hiptothejive_pattern Cover

In addition to the wonderful new fabrics in the shop this week, we have some of your favorites back in stock.  Due to high demand, these are going quickly.  We love these messy threads on black or white background.  It’s the sign of a productive sewing room.  With these messy threads, clean up is a cinch!  In addition to the messy threads, we have added the Sew Easy Stripe to this collection of sewing themed fabrics.


Wouldn’t these make a perfect bag or tote for your favorite sewing enthusiast?  Be sure to pick up some complimentary solid fabric to bring out your favorite colors.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA



Quilt Fabric Cel Phone Case

Perhaps it’s because I’m a lover of fabric, but I’ve always preferred a soft case for my cel phone.  I can change it seasonally, for a holiday or special occassion or I can show off a favorite piece of fabric.  When I upgraded from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus, my new phone didn’t fit into my cases.  Luckily, the cases I had were also the perfect size to hold a pair of glasses, so I’ve re-purposed them to hold my reading glasses in various locations.

So I needed new fabric cases for my new phone and that’s the purpose of this tutorial.  There will be a link at the bottom for the free downloadable printable instructions for both the large cel phone case and the original cel phone/eye glass case.  This is a super easy project that goes together quickly and you can use scraps of fabric.

Large Phone Case by Lovequilting.com

This is a simple open ended case that is sized to hold a phone similar to an iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy 6.

Finished size: 4” x 6-3/4”


Main Fabric – 4-1/2” x 14-1/2” – 1EA *Keep in mind if using directional fabric that one side will be upside down. If using directional fabric cut 2 pieces 4-1/2” x 7-1/2” and sew together at bottom edge so that the print is going in the right direction on both sides

Lining Fabric – 4-1/2” x 7-1/2” – 2 EA

Fusible Fleece – 4-1/2” x 14-1/2” – 1 EA


Fuse fleece to main fabric. Add decorative stitches if desired.   Fold in half right sides together and stitch ¼” seam on each side. Leave inside out.

Put lining pieces right sides together and stitch ¼” down each side and at bottom edge leaving a 2” gap for turning. Clip corners, turn and press.


Place lining inside main piece so that right sides of each piece are facing. Line up side seams and pin or clip in place. Sew ¼” around top edge.


Reach in and pull out lining. Reach in through 2” gap and pull main piece all the way through lining. Straighten and push out corners. Tuck lining back into main piece and press. Top stitch if desired – not necessary.



As promised, click here for a free downloadable printable version of this tutorial.  Do you just love the colorful buoy fabric?  Click here to see our Maine Attraction collection.

If you would prefer the smaller size cel phone/eye glass case, click here for the free downloadable instructions.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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New Quilt Fabric Collections

NEW in the shop this week – several new collections that we can’t wait to share with you!

Quilt fabric collections come in a variety of types.  We have some collections that are the same print in various colors.  We have other collections that begin with a large scale print or panel and then have small coordinating prints or blenders.  These collections are sometimes available in an assortment of colorways.

A collection of Hoffman batiks featuring the rare but delicate Sand Dollar.  This collection with subtle tonal impressions of Sand Dollars is exquisite and can be quite versatile for many of your projects.  It can be used as a blender without distracting from your main print.

Sand Dollar Coll

Another wonderful Hoffman batik collection new in the shop this week, features brush stokes of striking color combinations.  These will make perfect compliments to solids or prints, in blocks or sashing.

strokes coll

We have found that batiks and screen prints or digital prints are a fabulous compliment to each other, as you can see from our Forest Friends collection by Hoffman Fabrics.

ff coll

Considering that we are just about halfway through the month of September, which is also known as National Sewing Month, we want to encourage you to take charge of your sewing area and inspire your sewing projects.  So, at LoveQuilting.com, we have gone through our shelves of fabric and randomly chose collections to put in the sale category this week.  With savings of up to 20% off, you will find plenty of inspiration in our What’s on Sale?! category by clicking here.  We think you are sure to find something you need!


fizz coll

We have many FREE downloadable patterns and projects available.  Click here to see them all.

In addition to National Sewing Month, September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  The official color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness is teal.  At LoveQuilting.com, we are a strong supporter of this great cause and encourage each of our readers to have yearly checkups and to encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same.  In support of this great cause, use coupon code TEAL at checkout and receive an additional 10% off your entire order.  This applies to both sale and non-sale items.

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on social media, where we share quilting and sewing related information, daily.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA


Fabric Color Value and Your Quilt


No doubt, you’ve heard of the color wheel. The color wheel helps us to see and feel how colors either complement each other or contrast each other. These relationships are extremely important in all our projects, but since you’ve probably heard all about that since you started taking quilt classes, that’s not what I want to talk about today.

I’m going to talk about color value. The value of your fabric is light, medium or dark and can vary depending on the other fabrics included in your project. For example, as we see below, the red fabric in the center is the medium value when used with the pink and black.


In this next example, the red fabric has become the dark value when used with the white and pink fabrics.


Even though the shade of your particular fabric may help identify it’s value, the surrounding fabrics also play a role.

There are times when it can be difficult to determine the values of our fabrics. You may think you have a good value contrast, but you are mistaking a color contrast for value contrast.

When auditioning fabrics, one very helpful way to determine it’s value is to make a black and white photo copy of them. This gray scale image will clearly show light, medium and dark values.


Notice in the example above how the gray scale copy shows the value of the blue fabric as dark in the first set and medium in the second set.  Likewise, the same green fabric value went from medium in the first set to light in the second set.

A definite contrast between light and dark value, can make your quilt appear dimensional. Reversing the light and dark value gives that project a completely different appeal.  In the example below of a Carpenter’s Star project, you can see how the star really stands out.  The gray scale images show that we have good contrast for our color choices as well as our color values.  Then when we reverse the placement of light and dark fabrics, the same project takes on a whole new look while maintaining good color and value contrast.

Carp Star Coll


In the version of Carpenter’s Star below, while there is definite color contrast, the values are less contrasting and the star appears flatter.

Carp Star 2 Coll

For a FREE download of the Carpenter’s Star project above, click here.  The download includes a blank layout so that you can use your own color pencils and pick your own colors for the project.  Once you color it in, make a black and white copy and see if you have good color value contrast.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Quilted Fleece Blankets

At LoveQuilting.com, we create and donate as many quilts as possible throughout the year  We make them, save them, then deliver them in the late fall for December delivery to a children’s wing of Bayonne Hospital, https://www.carepointhealth.org/bayonne-medical-center .

This tradition started in 2010, after my mom lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer. As a 25+ year quilter and avid collector of fabric, there was much fabric to disperse. I took a lot of it and used it to make and donate 50 quilts the following year.

Now we design our shop samples with the intention of donating the quilt to a hospital bound child battling a disease. We have some recent samples that will be featured on a future blog, but today’s blog will put the spot light on a fleece blanket project.  Here are a few we have done recently.


This project is made with 2 pieces of fleece which is fringed on the edges. Just like many of you, I have made projects where you tie the fringes to hold the 2 layers of fleece together. This project is slightly different than that one.

While tying the fringes to create a blanket is a great no sew project or craft to do with kids, my personal preference is to have the 2 layers of fleece attached throughout, rather than just at the tied edges. This keeps the two pieces of fleece from pulling away from each other.

Fleece is great for several reasons. It doesn’t unravel, it’s snuggly, it washes easily and there are many fun prints available including licensed characters and sports teams.


Start with two coordinating pieces of fleece approximately 48” x 60”.   Remove selvages.  With a chalk pencil, such as the Bohin Chalk Pencil, draw a line 5” from the edge on all 4 sides of one of the pieces of fleece.


Place the 2 pieces of fleece wrong sides together and spray baste, pin or clip to hold together temporarily. If using a long arm, load according to your long arm instructions. Stitch on the chalk line on all 4 sides.

Choose a light wide open quilt pattern/design to place within the stitched area. This can be as simple as a grid or random lines of quilting. The stitching can be as far apart as 4”. The main goal is to have stitching holding the layers together.

Once that is complete, it’s time to fringe. Cut a 4” x 4” piece out of each corner. Using a pre-slotted ruler, place the edge of the top of the ruler at the boundary stitching. This will keep the slots approximately 1” from the stitching. Make cuts every 1” with your rotary cutter. Enjoy your fleece cozy!



Have fun with this project, it’s a great canvas to try out or brush up on your free motion quilt skills.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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Force Friday-A Novel Idea for Novelty Quilt Fabrics

Force Friday is at LoveQuilting.com!  We have your favorite Star Wars fabrics, ready to become a keepsake for your Star Wars fan.  Some of this fabric even GLOWS IN THE DARK!
Don’t miss it while it’s on sale for just $9.99 per yard this week!  Free patterns featuring your favorite Star Wars fabrics are ready for immediate download.


As we enter into September, the kids are heading back to school, if they haven’t already done so.  With the extra time on our hands and the temps cooling down a bit, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun projects we can make with fabric.  Do you love novelty quilt print fabrics?  They can be such fun as totes, zippered bags, the focal point of quilts or pillows.

Whether it’s a holiday, sport, animal or hobby, there is a novelty print for every personality.  Our novelty prints include panels as well as coordinates and range from space themed fabrics to musical themed fabrics and much more in between.  All our novelty prints are ON SALE this week to inspire your creativity.  Below are some of our favorites, click here to see them.


Want some FREE downloadable inspiration?  We have FREE bag and tote patterns, such as these.


These bags would be great with any large scale novelty quilt fabrics, which can become a personal statement for yourself or the recipient.  Click here for all our bag, tote and purse patterns.

Showcased below is a selection from our vast library of FREE quilt patterns of some of our favorite BEGINNER FRIENDLY free downloadable patterns.


Click here for these and many more.  All of the quilt patterns shown above are perfect for large scale novelty prints.  We love these quick to go together projects!



At LoveQuilting.com, we will be promoting awareness by wearing the official color of ovarian cancer awareness, teal.  ALL teal fabric will be on sale all month long.  If you know an ovarian cancer patient or survivor, now would be a good time to make them a quilt of comfort in teal, or a teal tote or purse.

Feel free to check out our Quilt Gallery for inspiration for projects in teal.  Many of these projects have been made in teal and donated in support of ovarian cancer research and education, and some have been donated for comfort to a patient.

If you love our Carpenter’s Star in Teal, click here for the free downloadable instructions.  This may look complex, but is a beginner friendly tutorial featuring squares and half square triangles.

KOH Quilt Opt

To help us spread the word about teal, use coupon code TEAL at checkout and receive 10% off your entire order, including sale items!


Express your passion for sewing and indulge in a new project!  Check out the official website for National Sewing Month and enjoy free projects and articles by clicking here.


For added inspiration this month, click here for our Loralie Sew Creative collection.


Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA




Fabric Kitty Quilts

Social media has been a wonderful tool at bringing people together, who might otherwise not be in contact. The downside, is that everyone actively involved in social media has become exposed to the harsh realities of the epidemic of mis-treatment to humans and animals.   We want to save every one of them, which we know is impossible. But what we can do, is help as many as we can, one at a time.


We have a special friend at LoveQuilting.com, Suzanne, who is making a difference to the kitties at Hudson Valley SPCA. The Hudson Valley SPCA, located in Hudson Valley, NY,  is a no kill shelter that rescues abused and abandoned cats and dogs, provides medical treatment and helps them find their furever homes.


Through an old friendship that started in a college dorm, then re-connected through an online sewing forum, Dee made Suzanne aware of a need of quilts for the kitties.  This started Suzanne on her kitty quilt journey.


As a quilter with over 30 years of experience, Suzanne says she has more fabric than she’ll ever be able to use. She starts in her stash and chooses fabrics.  Then she creates various sized quilts using anything from tried and true block construction to new innovative techniques, to create unique quilts. She especially loves these smaller projects because they become “completed” projects within a reasonable amount of time.


She does her piecing on a serger to avoid lots of threads. By eliminating the pressing step, this speeds the kitty quilt construction process substantially. All the quilts are machine quilted on her Bernina, using a variety of decorative stitches.


As a finishing touch, she appliques a cat using the fusible applique method, on each kitty quilt that she makes before sending it to Hudson Valley SPCA. This has become her unique signature.

The recipients of the quilts are ecstatic, as you can see they are snuggling and relaxed in the Cattery.


Here are a few of the latest batch headed to Hudson Valley, NY.


If you would like to join Suzanne by making and donating some quilts for the kitties at Hudson Valley SPCA, click here to learn more information or leave a comment on this blog and I will get you more information.

Do what you love – Love what you do – LoveQuilting.com

Placentia, CA

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